Compensation plans for private sector CEO’s in North America are reasonable

In this individual project, each student is required to write a paper using MLA formatting and citation methodology. The paper will be no longer than 6 pages not including cover page and References page. The paper requires that you do individual research using at least 6 sources. One of these sources can be the textbook and at least one sources must be “peer reviewed”.In this paper, you will develop and present your argument either for or against the following statement:“Compensation plans for private sector CEO’s in North America are reasonable.”Note: Private sector refers to companies that are owned by shareholders and their stocks are traded on stock exchangesYour argument must be clearly for or against the above statement and you must make you position clear in the first paragraph of your paper.You must demonstrate your knowledge of CEO compensation in this paper and use that knowledge in your arguments either for or against the “proposition”.Your grade for the paper will be based upon your demonstrated knowledge of the subject, the quality of the arguments, application of relevant theory, quality of the research, organization of the paper, appropriate language, spelling and grammar and correct use of MLA style.

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