Concerns or Questions about Doctoral Journey

(University of the Rockies: PHD in Human Services)

This is a journal:

As doctoral students, stress is almost a given. There are many competing projects and deadlines that you are asked to juggle, in addition to managing the priorities at home and in your career. Although stress might be unavoidable, one great way to deal with the pressures of a busy life is to write about them and share those thoughts with others.

Take this opportunity to “check in” with your thoughts and feelings about this course and the doctoral journey as a whole:

Which aspects of your academic career are making you feel apprehensive or nervous at the moment?
Is there anything causing you concern regarding the course or the doctoral program as a whole?
How does this course apply to your professional life and your non-professional life?
Do you have any questions about this class or the doctoral program that have yet to be answered? If so, share those in this journal entry.
In what areas are you confident?
Which skills or abilities that you possess will help you to manage the journey ahead (for example, time management skills, problem-solving skills, and willingness to ask for help)?
With whom can you speak, either in your personal life or at University of the Rockies, to explore ways to overcome your apprehensions?
Is there some knowledge or skill gap that particularly concerns you?

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