Constitution Simulation

RE: Constitution Simulation Second Question

James Madison and the Framers decided to address the concerns about the Bill of Rights after the completion of the draft of the  Constitution.  This was a very smart move on the behalf of James Madison, this allowed him to keep his focus on getting colonies to approve of the constitution. James used this time to Endorse a different amendment the Constitution so that only nine states were needed to complete the ratification of the constitution. To be honest, I didn’t know anything major about the constitution before this simulation. After this simulation, I know that Mr. Madison had a huge impact on the way the United States of America is governed. In my opinion, without his input, this country would not have been nicknamed the land of the free.  Because he played such an important Role in amending the Constitution I decided to research him in regards to The United State’s Currency. I learned that his face is on the 5000 dollar bill (yes they do exist:

Hello, Trina Jackson, you have done an intensive analysis and explanation of the simulation, and this is quite commendable. I believe that the constitution is such an important document as it draws the boundary and also acts as a regulatory tool in the nation. The fact that James Madison and the Framers addresses the bill of rights after completion of the constitution makes it more open for scrutiny and easily understood as sometimes the information contained in the document is mostly misquoted and not well understood by many people. Reduction of the states needed to rectify the constitution is also a smart move as that makes it easy to bring the point and also make it fully understood and hence urging for enough support in pushing its acceptance. Most of the people and in fact a greater percentage are in the dark about their rights as well as obligations. The simulation therefore enlightens people about the constitution in the simulation also went a long way in opening people’s eyes and giving them some incites in wanting to indulge and learn more.

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