Continuous Quality Improvement

  Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous quality improvement is the process through which the employees and the managers in an organization endeavour to constantly improve the quality of services rendered. As a nursing manager, I would take some steps as part of achieving continuous quality improvement. The first step would entail sharing the vision with other nurses on how continuous management is necessary and outline its benefits.  According to Mason-Whitehead (2008), continuous quality cannot be achieved without getting support from other nurses at all levels as well the management. I would ask the management at the hospital to support my initiative through the provision of training opportunities for nurses on different techniques and skills. For the nursing department to continuously improve the quality of services provided, the staff members must possess excellent skills and have a high level of professionalism in their work (Finkelman, 2006).

Another crucial thing I would consider as a nursing manager is that the nurses should be able to obtain the necessary equipment to perform their duties. It is impossible to achieve quality if the nurses find it hard to access equipment they need at all times. It is also vital to set standards to be followed by all the nurses when taking care of the patients. Together we would go through the most up-to-date standards of work applicable to our environment and strive to develop a culture of observing the standards. The standards ought to be adhered to by continuous monitoring and ensuring that the standards are followed.  Every member of my unit must be willing to take responsibility and explain why he or she has chosen not to follow the set standards. Finally, I would advocate for evidence-based practice. Evidence-based ensures that decisions are made only after a thorough research has been undertaken to ensure that the action taken is the best. Evidence-based practice minimizes errors. When all issues discussed above are considered it is possible to achieve continuous quality improvement (Hickey & Brosnan, 2012).


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