Copper’s Company

Copper’s Company

Coppers Company is a firm that specializes in the production of copper wire for electricity transmission. The firm deals will both large scale wires and home products that enable proper and safe lighting. It’s a company that is widespread all over the country and known for the production of wires that considered safe for both industrial and home appliances (Daniels, 2005).  The corporation produces in large scale for in country and also export purpose. The undertaking makes its name to be widespread across continents. It is accepted and allowed by the legislators of electric wires boards meaning that they pass all the set standards in the market and the production.

Apart from producing good quality copper wires, it also indulges itself in the mining and exploration of copper mine. By this, it reduces the cost it would incur to obtain already explored and mined copper (David, 2005). It has several copper fields exploration and purification agencies that are entrusted to ensure that the company gets proper supply of the copper to ensure that the industry is constantly running and producing the required wires. The company has a well widespread production rate which places it at the head of electric wires production globally. By indulging in its activities of mining and copper purification, it has a large employment base which makes it the best employer in the country and in the continent. It provides the workers with accommodation and also services that are required such as health and education for the siblings of the workers ensuring their comfort and good working conditions in the company (David, 2005). The company provides the workers with better remunerations for the work such as good savings and retirement benefits. This ensures good care for them forever which ensures royalty from the workers.

Marketing strategies

David (2005) reports that to ensure the marketability of its products, the firm undertakes different strategies such as advertising, promotion, events and many more strategies.  Its takes on paid advertisement so as to reach mob and potential purchasers. This means that by making the masses aware of the products its increases the customer base. It also takes its marketing a notch higher by products promotion (Infotech. & Westley, 2000). The firm sometimes comes up with promotion programs that provides the market base and clients increase their trust in the company and also makes them aware of the company and its products and services in the market and also their conditions. It also sponsors events in the communities’ base. The move enables them to come closer to specific target groups in their marketing base. The undertaking ensures that they sensitize the communities about the products and services that they can benefit from coming from the company. The initiative builds its public image and also build public trust on the company.

The company also comes up with events that it aims at building its public image and also public trust and also to give back to the community (Coates, 2008). The events are fully supported by the industry where it gives prizes to the participants. It also supports public events or sponsors functions and projects in the community in a bid to promote and uplift the infrastructure in the communities around them. The undertaking allows them to increase their consumer trust and also in maintaining their base and increasing their customers and also giving them chances to benefit from them and also the building of the community around them and also ensuring proper consumer producer (Pye, Bates & Heath, 2006). The initiative is a step that improves loyalty from the dwellers.

Supply chain

The company has a lot of employees who work on the production of the copper wires in the industry while also employing individuals in their exploration and mining works in the field (Pye, Bates & Heath, 2006). The firm’s human resource management is always on its feet to ensure proper employment so as to avoid the chances of underworking in the industries or overtasking the available workers in the company.

The company has less information availability since all the information it has is complex as it deals with complex matters such as the drilling and purifying of the copper ores in its purification and the additives it adds into the copper to ensure that the company products are competitive in the market and also make their products suitable in the market for use (Cooper, 2003). The workers in the company are trained and equipped with the best available knowledge and also skills to enable them produce the best products that are needed by the clients and also products that will uphold the quality of the work being done and that the company is proud of. The workers in the field are equipped with the right skills to enable them work smoothly in the field (Cooper, 2003). The workers are managed by qualified staff and technicians who foresee the working in the fields to ensure proper production and also production of fine copper rods for delivery of the same to the industry where they are converted into the required and desired sizes and builds.

Role of technology and e-commerce

With the current upsurge in technology development, the industry is not left behind. It must be abreast with the technology to ensure that the technology helps them in the better production and increase in their customer access (Cooper, 2003). The technology helps them in quicker exploration of copper fields as it provides them with the required and proper equipment to properly and easily explore and mine the copper ores in the fields. Technology advancement provides them with better machines and tools for the excavation of the field to produce copper rods (Cooper, 2003). The element also helps in proper management of the staff as proper records can be stored and accessed by the managers in the company and also easy updating the databases of their employees and also their development in terms of infrastructure and also their advancement in production scale of the copper wires and also copper rods that are its major dealings.

According to David (2005) the invention of e-commerce has enabled the company to fully go digital in that it has allowed for the international marketing of the company’s products on a global platform while reducing the cost it would have taken to travel physically in order to market the products in the destined countries. The firm conducts its international business online and satisfies the consumers’ needs by making information available about the availability of materials and products that they require (David, 2005). The undertaking allows in promotion and sensitization of individuals on the availability of the products in the market by the copper company. This means that the move has led to increased market base of its product and increased loyalty from consumers around the globe.

Improving operating systems

In order to take the company to greater heights, several changes have to be made in the operation of the company. The firm has to automate all its functions and processes. The undertaking will improve the efficiency and adaptability to changes in the geographical locations that humans suffer from mostly (Infotech. & Westley, 2000). The automation will also help in reduction of running cost of the company and also increase the working hours in the company as machines don’t suffer from workload or repetition of the same task over and over again. Any workload will be effectively tackled and the results will be the same no matter the time of the day.

Also, Pye et al., (2006) assert that by automating it will reduce the cost and cut down on the services the company offers to the workers therefore slashing down the cost of running the company hence saving a great deal of resources and straining in order to provide the resources needed.  This will help in reducing the input while maximizing the output which is the major reason why companies indulge in business. The initiative will mean more than double the profits garnered from the proceeds of the company that will see it rise beyond imaginations or beyond measures. The move will see it grow to be the leading copper provider in the universe with loyal clients and a trusted brand name that will become a household name across the globe.  It will also decrease the tiresome work of supervising and frequent hiring in order to fill in vacant positions left vacant by the workers who look for better places and also vacancies created in the day to day working in the company (Pye et al., 2006).

The company should also consider the option of in-servicing the workers in order to increase their knowledge and skills and also enable them to vie for higher positions. The initiative will ensure that the company has competent and qualified workers. The undertaking will boost their morale incredibly (Pye et al., 2006). The effort will give them a chance of choosing leaders from among the well acquainted workers who have shown competency and leadership qualities during their working duration in the company. It will save the company a big deals of looking for managers outside and training them at the expense of the more qualified workers who are well aware and would lead the company to new and better levels if given the chance (Pennington, 2002).

Impact on human resource

Automating and reducing the number of employees in the process will reduce the workload on the human resource. The firm will be able to effectively recruit suitable workers for the vacancies declared (Pye et al., 2006). The management will also be able to effectively manage the available resources and also manpower so as to achieve maximum products from them and also get ways of improving their productivity such as providing bonuses and incentives to them. The move will improve their workforce and in the end increase the production of the company which is the aim of it doing business (Pennington, 2002).

The automation will also reduce the cost of training all the workers as the machines will be easily and quickly programmed to work effectively. The program files will be stored in the machines and also machines will effectively carry out the task efficiently without much remind. The effort will also enable the company to produce in large scale the copper rods and copper wires it produces. The company clearly sets and spells out the duties of each worker and therefore it will not be hard to program the machines to carry out these tasks as they don’t overlap rather they are well spelt out for each individual worker (Pye et al., 2006). The technical department will be placed with the task of coming up with a better and workable plan of automating the whole industry and creating a new and acceptable image of the renovated and automated industry in order to ensure the public interest and trust in the products are maintained and looked upon. The scenario is because the clients are the main supporters of business by purchasing products (Pye et al., 2006).

Infotech and Westley (2000) explain that the decision support team is well spelt out and therefore the industry will not have to convene unnecessary meetings in order to determine the fate of the idea or how to go about it. Furthermore, development cash is separated from the mainstream cash.  It will be a matter of endorsing the plan by the management and giving a go ahead signal to release the development cash into use to put the plan into proper use of developing the industry with an aim of increasing the output while reducing the cost of producing the same outputs compared to when they had not automated (Cooper, 2003).  The income gained will not be given out as salaries by the company to workers thereby leaving it solely as profit that will see the company grow immensely in a short duration.


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