Creating a Culture of Evidence Based Practice

•Reflect on the significance of evidence-based practice in health care. What responsibility do nurses have to promote EBP and change practices to better reflect evidence and research findings?
•Reflect on how nurses can disseminate findings from evidence-based practice research.

ASSIGNMENT: WRITE an evaluation of your organization’s use of EBP and how it is furthered or hindered by organizational culture and policies. Describe how you could disseminate the findings. Propose a strategy for strengthening the culture of EBP within the organization. Discuss a nurse’s responsibility to further the use of EBP, providing a rationale supported by specific information from the Learning Resources.

Creating an environment to implement and sustain evidence based practice: A developmental process.

Background: Elements of evidence based practice (EBP) are well described in the
literature and achievement of EBP is frequently being cited as an organisational
goal. Despite this, the practical processes and resources for achieving EBP are often
not readily apparent, available or successful.
Purpose: To describe a multi-dimensional EBP program designed to incorporate
evidence into practice to lead to sustainable improvement in patient care and
ultimately patient outcome.
Implementation strategies: A multi-dimensional EBP program incorporating EBP
champions and mentors, provision of resources, creation of a culture to foster EBP
and use of practical EBP strategies was implemented in a 22-bed intensive care unit
(ICU) in a public, tertiary hospital in Brisbane, Australia. The practical EBP strategies
included workgroups, journal club and nursing rounds.

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