Critical Infrastructure and key resources (CIKR)

Critical Infrastructure and key resources (CIKR)

Critical Infrastructure and key resources is a collective name that stands for all the assets owned by the United States with regards to national security, the economy as well as all the things involved in the development, protection, and assessment of the social framework in general. For example, communication networks, transportation, and water systems are encompassed in the infrastructure section, where else public health security and national economy fall under key resources just to name but a few.

How they relate

The primary objective of the Critical Infrastructure and key resources strategy formulation was to specifically highlight the needs of all the United States citizens based on their priority and sensitivity with regards to their needs. As a result, the two are linked because without key resources the infrastructure framework cannot be developed. On the other hand, the available infrastructure acts as a foundation to develop more resources to the country meaning that each has a shared responsibility to bare for the other to develop efficiently.

How are they different

The primary difference between Critical Infrastructure and key resources is that key resources are the driving forces of the implementation and development process of the critical infrastructure framework. For example, telecommunication infrastructure in relation to information and communication

The five most important CIKR

The most central Critical Infrastructure and key resources in my area of residence are
Public health as well as healthcare
Transportation system
Commercial facilities.

The five things/actions that promote CIKR protection

The crucial contributors in promoting of Critical Infrastructure and key resources protection are:-
The risk management framework used to implement National Infrastructure Protection
The sector partnership model that inspires the use of Sector Coordinating Councils
The networked approach security on information sharing of CIKR
Intelligence Community such as homeland security
Sector-based information-sharing mechanisms.

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