Critical infrastructures

Critical infrastructures

Ryan Wiese,

I enjoyed your post and I support you in your opinion. Critical infrastructures refer to any service which is vital to the national security which includes; transportation, information and telecommunications, the defence industrial base, agriculture and banking. The government should regularly evaluate the performances of all the critical infrastructures to ensure that any identified upcoming trouble is solved immediately. The three bodies should freely communicate on all matters pertaining the well-being of the country. With effective communication, the federal government is able to plan properly on critical infrastructures. Organizations that are given the mandate on critical infrastructures such as road constructors should be rewarded for their excellent work in terms of preparedness and outcomes. Thus, will promote quality work by all the sectors as they will be looking forward to being rewarded for their good performance. Education and training can be offered too within organizations on the importance of critical infrastructures.


Lewis, Ted G. Critical infrastructure protection in homeland security: defending a networked nation. John Wiley & Sons, 2014.


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