Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

Critical thinking Explanation

According to Epstein, Rooney and Raffi (2013), the term critical thinking was conceived in the mid-29th century. The intellectual and disciplined dexterity entails active and skilful conceptualization, synthesis, analysis and information evaluation marshalled through logic, reflection, experience or communication as a means to provide guidance and action. The phenomenon also implies undertaking logic and informed judgements based on reasoning and Indepth pondering (Epsteinm et al., 2013). Individuals exposed to critical thinking adopt an approach of questioning conclusions and arguments rather just accepting all decisions made. The endowment gives one the ability to rationally and clearly think prior to accepting of believing.

Epsteinm et al., (2013) explain that critical thinkers are able to detect common encumbrances through reasoning, solve problems systematically, comprehend logical connections between ideas and craft, pin point as well as evaluate arguments. Decisions, conclusions and arguments reached through critical thinking are well thought out, judged and reasoned (Epsteinm et al., 2013). The discipline enables individuals to engage in reflective scepticism and exemplify perfection of pondering appropriately. Moreover, the concept bolsters one’s own thought processes through evaluation founded on fact and logical reasoning.

An Example from Personal Experience Applied to Business Decision

As a human resource specialist in my company, I integrated and applied critical thinking when making a business decision whether to suspend or terminate a staff in the organization. The employee was facing allegations of sexual harassment. Presented with the case, I had the liberty to take a firm action forthwith against the employee. However, I applied critical thinking through fact-finding, having witness statements, assessing and evaluating witness credibility. Application of self-disciplined and guided approaches helped deduce whether the employee’s behaviour constituted to sexual harassment. Moreover, I had to evaluate the impact that the suspension would have on the employee’s performance.

Importance and Benefits of Critical Thinking

Endowment with critical thinking refines one’s presentation and language dexterities. One is able to express ideas in an improved systematic manner (Epsteinm et al., 2013). Moreover, the concept promotes creativity. It gives one new ideas which leads to crafting of a creative solution. Epsteinm et al., (2013) explain that the skill is pivotal for self-reflection. It gives a person a meaningful life through reflection of one’s values and decisions. Moreover, Epsteinm et al., (2013) assert that critical thinking lays the foundation of a liberal democratic atmosphere and science. The skill grants one capability to face encumbrances and difficult world situations. Also, critical thinking gives one a critical thinking mind-set that leads to time saving

Relating the Importance and Benefits of Using Critical Thinking

The first perfect relation is a scenario where an individual is making attempts to interpret a provoked friend’s needs expressed through emotion oscillation and disparaging comments to render support to the friend. The second example is a situation where a carder of scientists is working with tremendous accuracy to marshal and evaluate data in a sophisticated experiment (Epsteinm et al., 2013). Another good example is a soccer coach making team adjustment attempts to realign players during half time in order to integrate new tactics to attack the opponent.

Ways I Might use Critical Thinking in Current Job

In my current job as the marketing manager in my company. I would use critical thinking to identify new opportunities in the market and work to take advantage of them. Moreover, I would apply the critical thinking to assess dynamic customer needs and the competitor products. I would apply the skill to lure new customers and enhance the company’s reputation.


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