Cultural Barriers to Communication

Cultural Barriers to Communication

What plan do you suggest for handling communication problems involved in the given scenario? Why?

The language barrier is common in the most organization, and it’s important for the management and the leadership to ensure that they develop and manage communication strategies (Borkowski,2016). In such a scenario I would propose that the communication should be made more effective by making it available in common places or gathering locations in the work environment. This could be in places like the dining hall and other places where people gather commonly. It is also important to ensure that all the people effectively receive the proposed change in the organization maybe through passing it to their leaders and making sure that they pass the information personally to the patients. This would also ensure that the information is taken seriously.

Poor communication is the cause of many errors and adverse events. Do you agree with this statement? Explain why?

I agree with this statement. In every organization, the processes or the steps of the projects to be implemented are communicated from the management to the subordinated for implementation and therefore failure or breaking the chain in the process makes it hard for the plan to be implemented as it is planned at the top as this leaves points and loopholes for errors.

What are the two major problems associated with written communication and two with verbal communication in an organization?

Written communication may not be competent especially to the people who are very busy as that lack enough time to go through the information and therefore making it ineffective. Written communication also becomes hard to be understood and comprehended by the illiterate people. Verbal communications also may be ineffective as it may be forgotten easily and therefore making it hard for the people to practice what the management want. Verbal communication is also easily manipulated especially when it’s being passed from one person to the other. The message lacks originality and therefore might be misleading.

What actions can individuals take to ensure their communication is effectively received? Why is this important?

Some of the ways that can ensure that communication is effective are through open meetings, one on one communication by the management to the subordinates through personal meetings and use of simple words in communicating. It is important to make sure that the information is Cleary heard and understood and both parties should make sure that they implement or respond to it as received. This, therefore, means that use of the ways as mentioned above effectively.

What factors can affect someone’s ability to receive communication?

Some of the major factors that can affect communication are channels of communication, the manner of presentation of the information and medium used. It is important to note that not all people understand the language used in communication of a certain language and therefore it is important to use a common language like the national language and to make sure that it is translated to different dominant languages in the organization for effective communication.

What values are encouraged when one complies with effective communication methods?

It is important that a communication should be ethical and the information being passed should be up to the standards. It is important to consider cultural and ideological differences among the recipients of a message and ensure that the message is effectively communicated. The message of communication should be honest and should be presented responsible such that it should not mislead the recipients. The message should respectful, and it should not in any way demine of cross the line, and therefore this should be observed.

What are the benefits of having a culturally diverse team?

Having a culturally diverse team promotes the use of a singular language for effective communication. This helps in making sure that the people effectively work together as a team. This also makes people have diverse ways of viewing issues in an organization and therefore promoting innovation and creativity. Cultural diversity also ensures that people interact and therefore can work with people from different cultures as they deduce a way of harmonizing the people.

What is the organization’s significance and responsibility to train all staff members to comply with regulations and requirements?

The goals and objectives of an organisation are the unifying factors and they should make people have a convergent move towards them. This should, however, be in line with the goals and objectives of the people such that they should be in a position to grow their career as they grow the organization (O’Daniel & Michelle, 2016). It is important for the members of an organization to comply with the requirements and regulations of an organization as it is only through this way that they can effectively reach the goals and organizations at ease. This can also be helpful as it resolves or reduces cases of conflict in an organization.


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