Culture in Criminal Justice

Culture in Criminal Justice

Culture refers to the patterns of behavior of a particular group of people that has continually affected the way these people react to certain events in their lifestyle. Criminal justice, on the other hand, entails the practice that is put forward in deterring crime, maintaining order, and upholding measures to control the social activities indulged in by people.

Effects of Culture in Criminal Justice

In an organizational setting, the integration of culture is of vital importance. To begin with, there is team building and good working communication (Freilich, & Guerette, 2006). The leader in such cases advocates for the achievement of goals so that the criminal justice firm can better their services Additionally, the criminal justice departments can affect the skills of their workers in being attentive to details, innovation, team orientation, risk-taking, and aggressiveness.

On the other hand, there is redundancy since the team follows only the set instructions and new ideas are not welcomed. The team lacks growth since there is no integration of new ways of doing things and as such, the employees are stagnant.  Challenges arise when there is advocacy to changing the culture of such organizations. One of these difficulties is the lack of support from the employees who have become accustomed to the culture. The other challenge is that one may fear the outcomes of such events such as being sued or becoming unemployed (Garland, 2001).

Predictable Surprise

The predictable surprise is a situation in which crisis that is avoidable are marginalized so that the social and economic policies can be satisfied. The predictable surprise is a concept that criminal justice firms use in identifying threats and other related cases that may lead to crime.

A case in which predictable surprise can be seen is that of global warming. The effects of global warming are adverse, and they significantly affect the world as a whole. An organization that is skilled in identifying and forecasting should have seen the consequences of continued burning of carbon and release of the same from petrol would cause global warming. Additionally, the firm can provide ways of reducing global warming by recommending that gasoline is replaced by another kind of fuel that will not pollute the air to reduce global warming.


A Criminal Justice Coordination Committee is required for their involvement in the firm’s activities. The primary function of the committee is to ensure that there is no prevailing crime rate within the state. Another committee is the labor and volunteer committee that accepts input from the civilians to help the criminal justice firmly in their activities (Bazerman, & Watkins, 2004). Additionally, the employee committee is needed within the enterprise who are responsible for the acquisition and employment of staff members for the organization. The stakeholders in each case will be responsible for their specific target committees, and they are expected to promote awareness and motivation among the teams.

According to Blackhall, (2005) stakeholders within the committee need to practice and embrace the culture of diversity within their committees since they have a particular interest in the firm’s success. When diversity is embraced, issues of discrimination, lack of value in the enterprise or inadequate treatment of the employees is curbed, and the teams can put in extra work so that they can realize the goals of the organization. As such, the stakeholders need to promote diversity in their firms.


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