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Richard Adu

The George Washington University Center for Cyber And Homeland Security

In early 2015, the George Washington University linked up with cyber and homeland security to help them in carrying out researches on homeland and cyber security and counter terrorism activities in the US. An important aspect of this is the cyber security task force.

The cyber security task force is a group of people who deal with the assessment of all types of cyber threats. They deal with the corporate governance, international authority, security matters, the role of private sectors, purposes of ongoing cyber risks and problems related to the enhancement of cyber security sharing.

It is important to take care of the above because failure to do so can cause an immense problem for the economic growth, the safety of the people and the government in general. A lot of problems can emerge from a breach in the cyber security. Businesses can lose their customers due to lack of trust. They can lose money in compensation and fines due to lawsuits that could be filed against them. In corporations such as banks, the customers might lose their money as well as their homes due to the criminals taking a loan on a mortgage. If there is a breach in the government’s cyber security, the state can be under attack without knowing it and without having ample time to plan on how to combat the situation.

President Bush formed the President’s Surveillance Program and authorized National Security Agencies to monitor conversations in and out of the US. This, however, did not sit well with the people of the US because they had no privacy. They started losing faith in the government and the way they handled their security issues.


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