Sources obtained

I choose the ABI/INFORM database wire feeds. The reason as to why I chose the database is because the articles found there are in line with my topic that is how technological advancements have helped solve cases in the police department. The articles contained in this database are detailed and therefore providing a credible source of data to be used in my research.

The article ‘U.S. Department of Justice announces a multi-million dollar program to begin equipping police departments with body cameras as wireless video technology make notable advancements’ talks about the program that is aimed at equipping the police department with body cameras as a way of improving its effectiveness. This is due to the national demand for high tech video cameras, intellectual property for body cameras and advanced technology. This is an addition to the video technology which has received a great reception and made some substantial advancement in the police department regarding cases being handled. Cameras program could have a milestone as it will digitalize the whole department and make all the information recorded to be well archived and retrieved when needed. This will also be used to document important scenes and therefore making it an important program.

The article ‘Local police to get upgrades: New technology will help officers improve the quality and accuracy of their investigations’ talks about how police could improve their accuracy and effectiveness through technological embracing and advancements. The technology advancement will target areas such as numerous wireless hotspots across the city, digital cameras in every patrol car as well as Panasonic computers and this will greatly help in solving cases on the sport and therefore reducing the time wasted and the congestion of pending cases in the department.

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