Public policy decision-making at the local level of government in Smithville

In the case of Smithville city, the city council liberals have the mandate of making the decision to allocate scarce resources, food being one of the basic needs of the region’s citizens. The city is in a position to provide food to about 2000 families with an average of four members from each family through an establishment of a food bank. This totals to about 8000 people. It is a crucial decision because for the citizens to be productive and participate in various community projects, they must meet the basic needs (Prozesky, 2009). A healthy nation is productive. The move to feed the families translates to a healthy nation since the residents are not vulnerable to dietary disorders. The initial cost of establishing a food bank might be high since at the beginning, the people are not productive, but as the program progress, the people would reciprocate by participating in activities like businesses that would earn the city some income to sustain the program.

The position of City Council conservatives is that problems can be best resolved through the actions of the free market. Market forces are out of control by the authority or the customers, and to some extent, the customers are the ones who suffer the most. This is because the suppliers want to make their profits and the authority, on the other hand, wants to earn the revenues from the market charges. The free market causes an imbalance, and the customer ends up being unsterilized because their income levels remains constant. If the basic needs are left at the hands of the free market, the citizens would be at the receiving end since the boundaries between the rich and the poor are big. Neglecting people’s needs for food would translate to higher medical costs because the people would not be in a position to withstand the pressure and end up suffering from malnutrition. The risks or the costs of leaving the food problems to the people are much higher than the benefits (Prozesky, 2009).

As an objective, observer liberal viewpoint of government intervening and providing food to the disabled has merits as it saves a large population and in the long run leading to productivity and stability of the economy. Conservative viewpoint also has some merits since the market is a source of revenue. The moment they are left to operate raise revenue for the government to finance other projects. Also, the free market makes the economy through business since people are encouraged to venture and participate in business and therefore earning income to sustain their families.

The shortcomings of liberal viewpoints are that the government intervention in providing food to the people strains its budget and some projects may end up being incomplete or even fail to commence. Food bank program also commits the government to provide the service in future if there is food deficiency failure to which there are chances of criticism by both the citizens and other nations. The viewpoint of the conservatives also has some shortcomings because neglecting the basic needs to the market forces may end up being a disadvantage to the less fortunate thereby affecting their productivity. Giving the market the power to dictate resources allocation may lead to hiking of prices to benefit themselves at the expense of the customers (Prozesky, 2009).

The case study illustrates the types of issues public policy makers face when dealing with both large and small problems because they must weigh the benefits and the expenses of the decision. In such situation, they must make sure that the benefits realized when they make a certain stand will be more than the expenses or the costs to make the decision viable and worth taking. Authority weighs the opportunity cost of making various decisions before making any decision to make sure that the decision taken is the best as compared to the alternatives (Prozesky, 2009).

Unmanned vehicles

Unmanned vehicles introduction is a milestone for the world’s technology. This is because the risk reduces their effectiveness. The scenario has translated to efficiency in some of the functions since the vehicles are programmed and are specific therefore giving accurate information about the real situations on the ground.  Future Vehicles Corporation (FVC) entering the commercial market has some advantages. One of them is market expansion by an increase in the target market from the defense forces to other citizens and organizations. By so doing they stand a chance of having higher sales. By venturing into the market, their technology draws attention to many people therefore giving them a competitive advantage over other companies. The scenario places the corporation at the forefront and therefore having greater chances of increased sales which translate to higher profitability.

Entering the commercial market by Future Vehicles Corporation (FVC) has also some drawbacks. The technologies the corporation introduces may be employed by individuals and organizations such as mechanisms of terrorism. The vehicles are sophisticated, and the terrorists may use them as weapons towards the government or other nations. The level of competition by other companies is also high. The company may take time before they overcome the forces and gain the trust of the customers. This is because the already established company may give them a hard time in penetrating the market due to the customer loyalty. Therefore, breaking that bond may not be easy.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis helps a company analyze its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Milligan, 2012). A proper SWOT analysis can determine the future of the company in the market which is why it is important before making a decision. The strengths of Future Vehicles Corporation (FVC) are its well trained and qualified team that is effective in performance as well as the proper management team that can foresee all the internal and external activities of the corporation. One of the firm’s weaknesses is the fact that the corporation is new in the commercial market and that the team may have a hard time integrating with the system, therefore, delaying their pick point that translates to low sales at the beginning. Also the fact that FVC is a new entrant in the commercial market may give their marketing team a problem. The team have to learn the new approaches and tactics to use in penetrating and dominating the market. They have many opportunities such as multiple organizations and individuals who would like to introduce the advanced technologies in their empire to make their activities effective. Being new in the market enables the firm to capture the attention of the people thereby developing an interest which gives the corporation an opportunity to impress them and gain their confidence since people will be curious to try the new technology, therefore, expanding their market.

The CEO has to also consider the interests of the people as the main aim of the business is to make a profit. However, this can only be achieved through pleasing the customers who in return promote the business by buying its products. It is also important to consider and study other companies and the products as well as the services they offer to their customers so that the company can come up with a better package to capture the attention of the customers. The CEO has to also consider the 7Ps since a proper market study determines excellence and domination of the company in the market.


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Prozesky, L. (2009). Parole bureaucracy: The decision-making process of paroling authorities.

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