Decorative Framing Company

Decorative Framing Company

As a long run strategy, will Goltz Strategy to superior customer service be successful?

Focusing on customers improves the loyalty of the clients towards an organization. The scenario can result to the overall well-being of a firm. The approach by Goltz to superior customer service quality will be satisfied. Various strategies have been put in place to ensure that the customers are served efficiently with the best products that the company offers. Documentation that Goltz has made helps in ensuring that the customers receive the best products. The documentation helps in ensuring that there is the minimal occurrence of challenges in dealing with the customers by providing the required guidelines to the employees serving the customers.

The approach will also be successful because of the pattern that Goltz has been using in employing workers. The firm has been hiring highly skilled individuals that can help in maintaining good customer satisfaction. Flint, Blocker and Boutin (2011) postulate that proper focus on the needs of the customers and maintaining their loyalty helps in keeping an organization at a higher competitive edge in comparison to other players. Therefore, the approach of by Goltz will be successful because of the various steps he has been undertaking to achieve it.

Would you want to work for a company with such polices? What would be the pros and Cons of working there?

I would like to work in a company that has such policies because of the various advantages that can be gained from it. Wilson, Zeithaml, Bitner and Gremler (2012) state that working in an organization with complex and challenging policies can help to gain more experience and knowledge in the fields of its operations. Working in such a company, I could be in a position to improve my knowledge of working with other people effectively through the experience I would gain when working with the customers of the company.

Such a company would also be beneficial through the provision of additional training to the workers, therefore, improving the efficiency in providing services and increasing the knowledge base. On the other hand, working in an organization whose primary concern is the employees can be an encumbrance working in because one can lose his employment opportunity to other who can work effectively in providing the customers with the appropriate services. The customers can also take the opportunity to harass the employees because of the expected motive of the workers to respect the clients of an organization and safeguard the main aim of the company.

What suggestions would you have for Goltz and his system? Can you see any ways to improve it?

As most other organization, the business of Goltz has been useful in maintaining proper satisfaction to the employees by focusing on various strategies for improving their services. However, the company can improve different areas including areas of advertisements. The company should employ other means of demonstrating the products and services and selling its brand to the customers. The company can use other media platforms in reaching the customers. In addition to showing concern for the customers, the company should show concern for its employees because showing concern for them can help improve their motivation in attaining the welfare or the mission of the enterprise (Flint et al., 2011).

If you were advising Jay, what would you recommend?

If I were advising Jay, I would ask him to use additional competitive strategies in combination to that of showing concern for the employees. I would also encourage him to reduce the days that the company use in framing the arts of the customers. This can help improve the number of clients it serves. Involving clients in making decisions can contribute to come up with successful strategies.


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