Deference between the Qualified CV and the Unqualified

Deference between the Qualified CV and the Unqualified

At first, the unqualified CV is more limited with information meaning that, the individual is more reserved than the qualified CV. As a result the unqualified CV loses expression skills which is required for a competitive job vacancy, the verifying team’s first impression and mostly the job vacancy in question of a Project Manager at Deloitte US | Deloitte & Touche LLP requires expression abilities to be well fashioned to fit in the position since it is more of a public relation position than an office one. On the other hand, the academic qualification of the unqualified CV is a bit shallow, and also some of the requirements are not achieved. For example, Deloitte US | Deloitte & Touche LLP requires a proven track record of five-year work experience, where the unqualified has two years work experience compared to 12 working years of the qualified CV. In addition to the limiting factors of the unqualified CV, it portrayed no technology experience as the job being offered requires.

Deloitte US company Performance Appraisal

Project managers’ position

At Deloitte, the company aims at developing your and innovative minds towards attaining there career goals and objective, through providing equal opportunities, resources and also good working conditions for the employees to exercise their abilities both local and internationally. The following is a performance appraisal of the Project managers’ position

Key Areas of Evaluation


The job requirements are moderately achieved with regards to the employment contract as well as the job advert for the project manager’s position. Areas such as technology implementation, knowledge and use are still underperformed. On the other hand, time management is still an issue that requires immediate improvements for the organization and the employees to succeed. However, output levels, decision making and solving complex situations are well performed.

Communication skills

It is one of the best-performed areas in the organization; this is because communication, as well as information flow, has been effective for both up down and down up with regards to the organization’s structure. Consecutively, the section would require a bit of improvement based on communicating the organization’s culture goals, and requirements to new employees to foster a conducive working environment

 Innovative Thinking

Poor performance with regards to creativity and innovation of both ideas as well as working strategies. The area needs significant improvement for its to attain the organization’s expectations as listed in the job requirement document.

 Strategic Planning

This section involves plans as well as effective implementation to towards the organization’s objectives. The employee has shown commendable efforts to attaining there set gals as well as effective strategies for archiving them. However, communication in this section needs improvement; this is because not every employee is conversant with the long-term plans of the organization as they are with the gaols to be attained in the short termgaols.


Praiseworthy efforts have been noted over the past work duration, for example, punctuality, communication, teamwork and also the supervisory role of the organization’s project. As a result, the employees are appreciated for their endless effort in working towards the organization’s goals. But also, time management, creativity and communication sections don’t seem to improve, which requires immediate action to resolve the problems experienced in the section.

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