Define psychological disorder. Explain the point at which behavior becomes “abnormal.”

Writing Assignment #10-Psychological Disorders
1.   Define psychological disorder. Explain the point at which behavior becomes “abnormal.”
2.   Describe the specific anxiety disorders and discuss their origins/causes.
3.   Describe the dissociative disorders and discuss their origins/causes.
4.   Describe the mood disorders and discuss their origins/causes.
5.   Find and post here the addresses of two  ONLINE resources for a person contemplating suicide AND two different online resources for people who want to help someone contemplating suicide. [That will be 4 different sources altogether.]  One sentence explaining these websites are MANDATORY.
6.   Describe schizophrenia and discuss its origins/causes. What are the different types of schizophrenia? Which one seems to be the most serious? Why?
7.   Describe the personality disorders.
8.   Discuss the eating disorders and discuss their origins/causes.
9.   RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT: In May 2013, the new DSM V was published. First off, what is the DSM and what are 3 distinct DIAGNOSTIC changes from the DSM-IVTR and the new DSM-V. For more information on you may check the WCC library for a reference copy (can not be checked out), or go to for more information.

10.   Watch this (make sure volume is up) that shows a person waking up in the real world…and then a reinactment of the same scenario of a person with schizophrenia
Write a one-page essay describing your “CRITICAL THOUGHTS” about what life could be like with this difficult disorder. Please share your thoughts about how the female at the end treats this person…can you treat someone (who has schizophrenia) like that? Content and LENGTH (minimum of one page) are both important.
11. write one page essay on “A psychological disorder is actually a matter of personal weakness; and people can ‘pull themselves out of it’ if they really want to or try. It’s all about personal will power.”

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