Describe how cultural values influence pain perception.

American International University
School of Nursing

BSN 4100 – Pathophysiology
Instructor: Belarmino Parra, DNP, ARNP

Assignment 2

Complete the following table.

Why abnormal renal function affect blood level of a drug? Provide one example.

Ms. W. is a 55-year-old patient who consulted her physician because of recurrent epigastric pain and nausea and two recent episodes of vomiting, in which the emesis was dark-colored and granular in appearance. Her history includes heavy alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and persistent headaches. She has not followed all her physician’s previous recommendations but has been controlling her headaches by taking two aspirins every few hours. Following tests, a bleeding gastric ulcer was diagnosed.
a) Discuss the factors contributing to Ms. W.’s condition.

Define Pharmacodynamic.

Define Pharmacokinetic.

Mention the purpose of Physiotherapy.

Mention the purpose of Occupational Therapy.

Mention the purpose of Speech/Language Pathology.

What clinical use you give to the term “dermatome”.

Define referred pain. Provide one example.

Which individual is at most risk to develop phantom pain?

Describe how cultural values influence pain perception. Provide one example.
Compare acute and chronic pain in term of physical response.

Mrs. H, age 42 years, is experiencing severe rheumatoid arthritis in her wrists, fingers, and knees. The joints are quite inflamed, red, and swollen. She is sitting rigidly in a chair and refuses to put on a sweater, even though she is shivering, or let anyone touch her arms. She has been prescribed an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory drug, but her dose is not due for another hour. She is feeling nauseated, so she has not eaten for the past 8 hours.
a) Explain why Mrs. H is “cranky” and uncooperative. What interventions other than medication may help her tolerate the pain?
b) Discuss in what category of pain this patient’s condition may be classified, acute or chronic.

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