Difference between DNP and PHD in nursing

Difference between DNP and PHD in nursing

Doctor of nursing practice (DNP) is one of the major terminal professional degrees in nursing (Edwards, Rayman, Diffenderfer & Stidham, 2016). The program provides education in evidence based practices, system leadership and quality improvement. PHD in nursing on the other hand is another terminal professional degree in nursing and it deals with clinical, academic or scientific environment (Edwards et al., 2016).

The major difference between the two courses is the scope. There is an argument that both courses are equal and there is no one of them that is further or major the other one and graduate from both programs can work as nurse practitioners once they have earned all the credentials. Man DNP programs incorporate an NP specialization while in PhD prepared nurses must typically peruse a post graduate certificate for them to become an NP (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2017). The other difference between the programs is that for one to obtain a DNP someone must complete a clinical project that demonstrates intimate knowledge dealing with evidence based practices (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2017). The PHD on the other hand does not dwell on evidence based practice but rather focuses on original research and research methodology.

I love research a lot as discovering new things that can bridge the gap in the nursing field gives me the greatest satisfaction. Having this in mind therefore means that I would peruse PhD in nursing as my major terminal course to fulfill; my career goals as a nurse.


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