Differences and Similarities between Islam and Christianity

Differences and Similarities between Islam and Christianity

According to history religion can be traced from the middle years where it first originated, it includes Islam, Christianity, Judaism and many more. However, Christianity and Islam are the biggest and most popular religions in the world. This paper will evaluate the differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity (Miner & Maureen 79).


One of the common similarities between the two religions is that they both believe of a supreme God who has the power over everything else as well as he was the one who created both earth and heaven and everything that is in it. As a result of this, they worship and ask for strength, riches, and knowledge since the supreme God has everything with regards to providing and control

On the other hand, both Christianity and Islam have a specific book which is believed to contain the words of God that are the bible and the Quran. They both acknowledge that the books were written by inspired men, who were able to understand gods message to them and they were able to document it. This acts as a reference and guiding book for the two religions.

Also, both Islam and Christianity have their own religious beliefs as well as the expected code of conduct for their followers. For example, both believe that it is not ethical to do wrong to other humans as well as issues such as theft, killing, and rape are not allowed. Moreover, the Christianity and Islam believe that there are heaven and hell, where the wrong dowers who did not respect the word of God on earth will suffer eternal pain and misery while the good and those who lived by what God expected from the will go to heaven after death.


The major difference between Islam and Christianity is the spiritual leaders that each religion refers to as God sent. For example, Christians believe Jesus was the son of God who sacrificed his life for the world to be saved. However, Islam believes in Mohamed as a spiritual leader who later became a political leader. They both accomplished there mission to earth only that Mohamed ruled by the sword and Jesus sacrificed his life to signify their accomplishments.

On the other hand, Islam does not believe in extreme salvation where every man can be forgiven for their sins. Moreover they believe that it was not just that Jesus was sacrificed for everyone since, but instead, believe that every man has to bear the burden of their sins. However, Christianity believes that once someone is saved and believes that Jesus is Christ and Savior, their sins are forgiven, and they have the opportunity to start life as a new individual (Eid & Hatem 477).

The other difference develops on how the two religions passive their god with regards to his nature. As for the Christians, they believe that God exists in three distinct personalities and they are, God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit also referred to as the Trinity. This is opposed to the Islam religion mostly because they believe that God only exists one also referred to as Monotheism. Another difference is Jesus Christ between the two religions where Islam acknowledges that Jesus was a prophet sent to spread Islam which Christians strongly believe Jesus came as the world’s saviour and was Gods son through these teachings.

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