Digital marketing and social networking

Digital marketing and social networking

Develop written responses to the three Discussion Questions 

  1. How might Facebook’s sustainability efforts affect its relationships with Internet users?

Facebook Company has been able to derive ways in which they foster sustainability component of their business. Through it has set a good stand for its consumers whereby they appreciate the company’s efforts while also becoming loyal to them.  Through this consumers have been motivated to even call for more use of renewable energy sources in the technology industry. Many of the consumers who are conscious of the environment are motivated and therefore remain loyal to the company.

  1. Do you believe Facebook’s sustainability efforts will give it a competitive advantage over competitors?

It is true that facebook sustainability efforts have placed it ahead of every other social media platform and has also ensured that it has developed a competitive advantage for the changing trends of consumers. Many of social media consumers are concerned about the depreciating nature of the environment, therefore, they are embracing any efforts by suppliers who are conscious of the environment. Facebook will have a greater market share and also increases their profits margin over their competitors.

  1. What are some ways Facebook can communicate its sustainability efforts with stakeholders?

Facebook can share its sustainability efforts with stakeholders through mass awareness. Awareness could be created using adverts that have the sustainability efforts that they promote. Awareness can be made individually to the stakeholders while also made in public through television advertisement among others. For the topmost stakeholders facebook, can organize conferences and invite top most stakeholders and take them through the plans that they have for sustainability.

  1. Develop written responses for the Get Involved #3 issue on page 421 of the text.
  2. comis one of the most recognized e-businesses. Visit the site ( and identify the types of products the company sells. Explain its privacy policy.

Amazon is an online shopping site that is involved in the selling of different products to their internet consumers. Most of the products that Amazon is selling are on discount, and they also offer shipping when their customer is overseas. They sell home and kitchen appliances, video games, clothes, shoes, jewellery among others. Amazons privacy policy is composed of information that is of importance to their customers. Some of the information is the restriction of children from purchasing goods from Amazon. Conduct of sharing of information and conditions of use of their products.

  1. Visit some of the social networking sites identified in this chapter. How do they differ in design, audience, and features? Why do you think some social networking sites like Facebook are more popular than others?

Social networking sites identified in this chapter include the twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Different users use most of this site based on various functions that they serve. They differ in design based on those sites that can be used to upload owner’s pictures, comments, and likes. Some of them have place a where one can write their biographies such as Instagram and Facebook. However, Facebook has grown to be one of the largest social media platforms to be used. Reasons behind it are that it can easily connect people from different countries and the extensive marketing that the company has continuously fostered on.

  1. It has been stated that digital technology and the Internet are to business today what manufacturing was to business during the Industrial Revolution. The technology revolution requires a strategic understanding greater than learning the latest software and programs or determining which computer is the fastest. Leaders in business can no longer delegate digital media to specialists and must be the connectors and the strategists of how digital media will be used in the company. Outline a plan for how you will prepare yourself to function in a business world where digital marketing knowledge will be important to your success

The best plan to ensure that I use a digital platform in providing that my business survives the high competitiveness is by fostering in digital internet marketing. Through different platforms, I will connect my company with several social media platforms through which I will be promoting my products. I will also ensure that I give throw away discounts to few of my followers so that they are going to attract more customers. I will employ other methods such as email marketing using ads to ensure that I promote my business

  1. Develop written responses to the three Discussion Questions found in Chapter 13 for the See for Yourself Videocase on page 424 of the text.
  2. Why do you think results are so mixed on the use of social networking in the workplace?

Results based on the use of social networking tools in the workplace have different findings since there is the difference in the employees who are in this organization. Some companies have employed strict rules based on the use of social media which makes them overuse them other companies also have given their employees excess freedom which the employees have violated the offer and engaged in the excess use of social media rather than working

  1. What are some possible upsides to utilizing social media as part of an integrated marketing strategy, especially in digital marketing?

Utilisation of social media as part of the strategy employed in digital marketing has quite good advantages for a firm. Social media ensures that there is a pull off many customers brought in one platform. Social media platform has a high strength since it is composed of volumes of people who can be potential target customers for the product that a company is selling. Besides, it ensures little competitions from the firm’s competitors.

  1. What are the downsides to restricting employee access to social networking sites?

For example, a company such as Procter & Gamble have restricted the use of Netflix and Pandora but not Facebook and YouTube since they know the impacts that the platforms have in the company. Restricting employees to social media use can give rise to high employee turnover and also ensures the reduction of the company’s market share. Complaints that might have been raised by consumers might not be addressed, and therefore the company could continue tainting their image.

  1. Develop written responses for the following regarding chapter content and the WSJ articles read in the Preparation Requirements:

4-1:      Briefly summarize your understanding of the differences between conventional marketing techniques and digital marketing techniques.

Conventional marketing techniques are also referred to as the traditional marketing techniques which involve the use of newspapers and magazines to pass information to consumers. Other alternative methods include the use of flyers put in mailboxes, TV, radio station and billboards. On the other side, digital marketing is the trending type of marketing which uses techniques such as websites, social media advertising via Twitter, YouTube among others. It is based on the use of the internet to pass information.

4-2:      Describe how the four businesses discussed in the WSJ articles are trying to develop the right marketing mix (review pages 401-404) for their marketing strategies.

Wayfair Inc Company endeavors to invest mostly in technology and logistics which is based on the distribution considerations of the marketing mix. The company does not have visible stores but wants to exert pressure by shipping of their products worldwide to Amazon.  Amazon on the other side is based on the improvement of the grocery business with plans to introduce convenience stores which marks the distribution and product element of the marketing strategies

4-3:      Discuss which of the strategies described you might find attractive and would consider utilizing, and which you would ignore your buying behavior situation.

On the other side, Wal-Mart is also trying to initiate well distribution strategy as one of the marketing element to compete with Amazon grocery business. The company wants to start a retail distribution known as click and collect for their customers. Home Depot online selling is also investing in the store delivery for their customers to ensure that they have a significant market share. They are fostering the distribution element of the marketing mix.

Distribution strategy is one of the most important strategies that I would employ. Most of the current trends of consumers need the goods that they purchase to reach their doorstep urgently. Therefore designing a sound distribution strategy would put a business on the higher competitive level than others.  In most cases, I buy goods based on how fast they can reach me, or the person is buying for.

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