Disaster and Health crisis

Disaster and Health crisis

Humanitarian work over the years has transformed from being a voluntary work, to a big professional organization. Their primary purpose is to provide support, rescue, and assistance to people in case of disasters and crisis that occur unexpectedly to the people. Some of this organization are non- governmental bodies whose work is to deliver free services to victims who are suffering from disasters and crisis such as an outbreak of diseases, war, and hurricanes.

However, this humanitarian work has a lot of impact on the society and as a country in general. The current situation that the humanitarian professionals’ experience is how to handle victims in case of emergencies of an outbreak of a killer disease or disaster such as hurricane and wars that leads to death and displacement of people from their residential area.

These organizational groups provide an emergency response such as rescuing refugees and providing for basic needs such as food, and shelter (Heath-Kelly, 2017)They also offer lifetime treatment and vaccines in case of an outbreak of killer diseases such as Cholera. Also, this organization helps in rescuing victims and providing for medical attention during hurricanes.

Through the need to maintain and enhance safety to the people these organizations have employed highly qualified medical experts and voluntary assistance to help improve the services on health and disaster crisis (Galarce & Viswanath, 2012). A good example of these group is Project HOPE that offers emergency response to disasters and health crisis by providing health facilities and relief.

Due to this humanitarian organization, there has been an improvement in health in case of disease outbreak they can respond immediately. Also, improved disaster management through the help of this professionals and thus rescuing people all over the world from death and hunger.

In conclusion, this information about humanitarian works is necessary to educate the society about the existence of natural disasters such as hurricanes, diseases and war and people should join hands to prevent or respond in case they occur.


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