Chapter four

Part one: End of Chapter Questions

  1. Name groups of white males who have experienced discrimination and why.

Some of the white male groups that have experienced discrimination are older workers, disabled workers, non-Christian workers and homosexuals. This is because the society has not been able to fully accept some of these groups like the homosexuals and therefore not having much value to them. The old workers, on the other hand, are termed as nonproductive as compared to the rest of the groups and therefore being discriminated. Disabled workers are viewed by some people as liabilities such that they cannot deliver as compared to the normal people and therefore facing discrimination.  Religious diversity is also another contributor of discrimination as people from different religion does not take others so positively.

  1. How did white women and white men settler’s opportunities differ?

White women couldn’t do so much as compared to the white men as they didn’t have enough rights. This, therefore, reduced their chances of excelling or having better positions or opportunities in the society as compared to the white men.

  1. In America, the Irish, Germans, and Italians are no longer referred to as Irish-Americans, German-Americans and Italian-Americans—they are just White/Caucasians, so why are there still groups that have the hyphenation such as Arab-Americans and African-Americans? How does this relate to the melting pot theory from the previous chapter?

The level of intercultural interactions between the Africans and Americans as well as the Arab Americans was high leading to the formation of a bigger cultural group that is the African-Americans and the Arab-Americans. The melting pot theory describes a society formed by an assortment of immigrant cultures that eventually reproduce new hybrid cultural and social reforms. The culture interacting produces a culture with combined advantages from the mother cultures which becomes more dominant than the mother culture as it gains the advantages from both cultures.

  1. Why were some White Americans considered immigrants and others not considered immigrants?

Someone was said to be an immigrant if their origin was another country or they were not born in America regardless of their color.

Part two: Internet Exercise found

White Males Are Part of Diversity, Too

Engaging whites in the efforts towards diversity has been a great challenge, and the security industry is the one that is most challenging. Most of the security bodies have not enrolled white males, and this has started changeling in many security farms striving towards diversity through including the whites in the industry. The industry has engaged the top management through diversity as well as the grassroots employees, but the issue that remains at large is what is being done about the middle level. “sws_pullquote_right “program has been employed to help engage the middle managers and therefore bridging the diversity chasm (Wanda Brackins, n.d.). At RBC Wealth Management three employee’s resource groups are sponsored by the executive leaders. The program involves white middle managers and therefore slowly incorporating them in the group.  The program is meant to harden them towards the challenges encountered and therefore bridging the gap in diversity chasm. White middle managers are engaged in US diversity leadership council which is composed of 21 senior leaders which are aimed at helping spin the farm’s diversity wheel and include strategies that engage employees in their areas of responsibility (Wanda Brackins, n.d.).  They are also engaged in U.S. diversity advisory council which is composed of 12 complex and branch directors. This is tasked with the provision of input to the diversity leadership council on diversity-related tools and initiatives that are designed to support the field recruitment process (Wanda Brackins, n.d.).

I agree with the viewpoints of this article. The fact that the whites have not been included for such a long time in the security farms and also in other ventures calls for their inclusion when balancing the diversity issues to make sure that they are also represented.

 Part three: white men diversity

Jim Sandman has committed to improving diversity in the legal profession, and this started in the year 1995 when he became a member of District of Columbia Bars Task Force and sexual orientation and the legal workforce (Jim Sandman, n.d.). Gay and lesbian lawyers work experience was a main point of concern and therefore leading to the performance of a survey.  A certain subsection believed that coming forward would not affect their career. The other subsection associated this with discrimination, harassment, and hostile working environments and therefore having a fear of coming forward about their stand. However, the groups may be living under a rock and therefore not coming clear about their feelings they remain talented and moving on with their carries normally (Jim Sandman, n.d.). Diverse peoples experience and being in a position to view life in different perspectives increases the understanding of such groups as one can understand the situations they go through and also know cohabit with them. Involving the whites in the diversity issues and giving them a role is one of the best ways to bring change. The whites should care about all these cases. The legal systems should be well represented with diversity such that all the community members are represented to avoid chances of discriminating, harassing or even being in a position where one section lack people to push for their rights. Proper diversification is also important and vital in the workplaces as the community can have a say or rather contribute towards the economic development and this should be the representation of across all the different groups in the community.  The best way to gear the diversity issues is through putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and viewing life in their perspectives as in such cases we can know what they go through before judging them harshly.

Some of the lessons learned are that the white males must have a leadership role in fighting for diversity. The support of top management also in diversity issues is essential but is not sufficient. Any diversity initiative must cut across the society. Also, all members must be included to make it credible, a culture that puts diversity at the forefront benefits all the members of the organization, monitoring and reporting about diversity at regular interval is important as well as that the process of diversification comes one person at a times.


Jim Sandman .(n.d.). The Role of White Males in Improving Diversity. Retrieved from http://www.multiculturaladvantage.com/recruit/diversity/white-men-diversity/white-male-role-diversity.asp

Wanda Brackins (n.d.). White Males Are Part of Diversity, Too!. Diversity Journal. Retrieved from https://www.diversityjournal.com/4543-white-males-are-part-of-diversity-too/

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