Discuss about case of Justin O’Dowd within the Case World folder.

Refer to the files that have uploaded about case of Justin O’Dowd within the Case World folder found on the FLO topic site.

Students will be guided through the case of Justin who is from a culturally diverse background and is experiencing mental health issues. Students will follow Justin’s journey and undertake a selection of online activities that explore mental health assessment, culturally safe communication, and values and attitudes of the student.

From the activities found within Justin’s journey, there are ten (10) specific questions/ activities to be completed and submitted. These are provided in the Assignment resources folder found on the FLO topic site.

Ensure all answers are supported by relevant literature. Referencing and in-text referencing is expected from all students. It is required in the Harvard referencing format as described in the School of Nursing & Midwifery referencing guide. The guide is available as a PDF file from: https://www.flinders.edu.au/nursing/fms/public%20documents/students%20&%20courses/Nursing_Midwifery_authordate_referencing.pdf.

it is case study need introduction and conclusion.

4 important records about the case were uploaded,

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