Discuss important legal issues and their applications to nursing practice.

Please read this scenario and use it to answer the questions below.

This self-assessment will help you check your own understanding of important legal issues and their applications to nursing practice. Although this self-assessment will only count as a participation grade, answer it as best as you can with your current knowledge.

NOTE: If your state has its own version of a Safe Harbor law, you may apply it to this activity instead. In the responses, note that you are applying your states Safe Harbor provision. Additionally you must include the exact wording of your states Safe Harbor provision so the Academic Coach will have access to that information.

If your state has no Safe Harbor provision, you will be responsible for reading the Texas provision and proceeding with the activity as if you were a Texas nurse.

Follow all other directions as stated.

Read this scenario then answer the questions that follow.

1.What were your four options as to taking or refusing the assignment?

2.Was this a situation in which you should have claimed Safe Harbor?

3.Other than Safe Harbor, what Board Rule should you have considered when told to take the assignment?

4.Should the hospital have sent you to the Peer Review Committee before reporting you to the Board? If so, what Board Rule was violated?

5.How should you have responded (from a legal/patient safety/license protection perspective) in response to each of these statements?
a)You will get a two-hour orientation.
b)The monitor tech will be responsible for reading the strips.
c)You need to be a team player or you may suffer employment consequences.

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