Discuss the challenges Rifaat’s story “My World of the Unknown” poses for its audience.

Your task is to write a thoughtful, carefully-argued paper in response to one of the following prompts.
1. Discuss the challenges Rifaat’s story “My World of the Unknown” poses for its audience. What sorts of background information might Western readers need to make sense of the story? Are there ways in which the story challenges Muslim attitudes about women, sexuality, etc.?

2. Discuss Rushdie’s treatment of identity in “Chekov and Zulu.” In what ways are the main characters torn between East and West? (Hint: You may find it useful to learn about the term “hybridity” as it appears in post-colonial studies.) How do they resolve this conflict?

3. Can we read “TV People” as a story about Westernization? If so, what point does it make? (Hint: you may want to think about the manner of the story, and not just its matter. Why do people often call Murakami Kafkaesque?)
Length, Format, and Documentation:
➢ Your essay should be 3 typed pages (about 900 words).
➢ Double-space, leave 1” margins, and use a readable font such as 11 or 12 pt. Times Roman.
➢ You must use at least 2 sources (other than the texts themselves) for this paper. Be sure to use correct MLA format for documentation. Lest this seem an imposing requirement, keep in mind that research on an author’s life or the characteristics of a different culture will satisfy the research requirement (and help you better understand the story you’re writing about). Please refrain from using things like Shmoop and Sparknotes.
Weighting: This essay will count 15% of your final grade.
• We will touch on “Chekov and Zulu” in Discussion Forum 13 and “My World of the Unknown” and “TV People” in Discussion Forum 14. Consider the DFs as a way of trying out your ideas on other people
• PDFs of the stories are available in the Course Texts module of the class.

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