Discuss the ways in which race and class intersect with gender to shape men’s experience of the ‘glass escalator’ in female-dominated occupations.

Your essays will be assessed on how well they comply with the following general points:
 Provide a clear introduction. You should set out nature and scope of the topic or
question to be discussed. In other words, the introduction to your essay should give the
reader an initial understanding of what the discussion is about and what it will cover.
 Provide evidence of research and reading. In the final year you should be reading widely
and making use of recent journal articles. Coursework 1 requires you to demonstrate that
you understand key concepts of how gender affects management and organisations from
lectures, seminars and key readings for the first half of the semester. For coursework 2 it
is very important that you demonstrate BOTH that you have read and understood the
main arguments/debates in the two required readings for that question AND that you
have drawn from additional suggested readings in your discussion.
 Substantiate propositions and arguments. You need to gather empirical evidence (from
the literature and available data sources) and present theories where appropriate.
Where relevant and appropriate, you should engage with alternative and competing
perspectives so that you can demonstrate an ability to think critically and evaluate
different arguments and proposed strategies. Although your own reflections are
important, these must be informed and supported by proper academic argument and
 Provide a clear conclusion. This must summarise the key points and arguments made, but
also draw conclusions about the topic you have discussed.
 Reference all cited sources and provide a comprehensive bibliography in ‘Harvard style’. It
is very important that you do not attempt to present the ideas of published or
unpublished authors as your own. You must be careful to include references throughout
the essay and provide a full bibliography of all referenced cited at the end. Include all
Internet-only sources – provide full web link and date accessed. Use page numbers for
direct quotations.

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