Diversity and perspectives

In this paper, you have used the global issue identified in your Literature Review as the foundation and narrowed your focus to some aspect of that issue that affects vulnerable and disenfranchised groups. You have analyzed and synthesized the relevant scholarly literature and examined how these groups have historically been, and currently are, impacted by the policies, decisions, and actions of others. As part of your research, you have considered various perspectives of your own cultural background and experiences as well as those of others.

Using the scholarly research related to your topic, in the Diversity Perspectives paper you have examined the solutions and strategies proposed and/or implemented and you have evaluated the potential equity of such actions. You should now be ready to recommend areas for further study that might result in more equitable treatment of those vulnerable and disenfranchised groups. Your recommendation must be supported by well-reasoned evidence from scholarly research. Remember: you are not to propose solutions at this point!

Depending on the number of scholarly sources used, your diversity perspectives paper should be approximately 1,500-2,000 words, and should not exceed 2,500 words. (Word counts exclude title pages, headers, and reference list.) Be sure you use the Diversity Perspectives Worksheet to organize your ideas. The Worksheet is in Ch. 4 of your Webtext.

I have attached my literature review which has my scholarly sources and the webtext work sheet.

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