Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

Article A

Title of my article is Diversity 101: Definition of Diversity-Management Best Practices

Date: August 17, 2016


The article is on diversity management. It explains that diversity management is when the management can apply the best strategies which are proven to have positive outcomes in a diverse work environment. To achieve the best results in the workplace, there is the need for the best councils on diversity, coming up with programs related to sponsorship and having resourceful groups within the workforce. Good results mean proper recruiting of staff, ability to retain and manage an environment with people with diverse talent.

Information in the article relates to diversity n the workplace because it focuses on applying strategies similar to those applied in the workforce to achieve a well managed strategic environment. Diversity in the workplace involves recognizing that employees from different backgrounds should receive similar treatment and privileges in their day to day practices in an organization. The information is beneficial since it shows the importance of having the management set diversity-related goals and ensure that they evaluate the progress they make in achieving them. It also shows the importance of having training programs without discriminating employees.

The information could be utilized in the workplace while carrying out audits and interviews. The members of an organization can critically evaluate the cultural environment at the workplace. This ensures a balance of culture. The information can also be applied in the workplace by coming up with support groups and sponsored programs for employees which are meant to help get rid of isolation among employees who are not part of the majority groups. The information can also be applied where people at the workforce come up with councils meant to address issues related to the workplace.

Information best relates to chapter twelve of the book managing workplace diversity, second edition, by Selina Griswold. This is because it is the chapter that explains on strategies which assist managing diversity at the workplace.


 Title of the article is Government Regs for Hiring People with Disabilities Grow Some Teeth

Date: August 17, 2016


According to this article, the government in the United States seeks to create more job opportunities for people with disabilities. The government believes that it is a move meant to strengthen the country. This is because members of the nation will embrace the spirit of diversity, fairness, good and safe working conditions. According to the article, the rehabilitation act is against discrimination when it comes to employing people with disabilities. Employers are therefore given a requirement to hire, give promotions and practice retention for the disabled. The writer of the article believes that the disabled are assets. Hiring the disabled is being fair, and good workers are thus retained. The rate of productivity goes up, and opportunities in the market are created as a result.

Information in the article relates to diversity in the workplace in that hiring disabled people qualified for a job should be part of a diverse work environment. Management level is charged with ensuring that fairness in this sector is achieved.  The information is beneficial because it shows the importance of giving a fair chance to every member of the society, including the disabled. It shows that an organization is likely to reach its goals when the disabled become part of the workforce since they are reliable assets.

The information could be used in the work environment during recruitment and hiring of people. The disabled should also be considered. People with disabilities can also be given a chance to enjoy the benefits and privileges related to employment. The environment at the workplace should be such that the person with a disability feels accommodated. This may include having facilities that can be used by these people; work schedules should be modified for them. The management can also assign an existing position to a disabled person. Examinations, evaluation and training sessions should also be modified to suit their needs.

Information best relates to chapter ten of the book managing workplace diversity, second edition, by Selina Griswold. This is because the chapter explains how well the disabled can be easily understood in the workplace to enhance their effectiveness.



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