Diversity Journals

Diversity Journals

Chapter One Journal Topic

There are things that I have been told while I was younger by my parents. First, they always told me am beautiful. As I grow up since I always remember these words and nothing can deter my confidence. I tell myself daily that I was born for a reason since it’s what my parents always told me. It has helped me gain more confidence in everything I do since I know I am special.

Negative thoughts always change my perspective about a person. When I meet a person with different characteristics from mine, I tend to compare them to myself and this has been bad since making friends is not easy. Moreover, negativity shows me how incompetent I might be compared to that other person. I, therefore, try to avoid such thoughts to build on self-confidence.

Chapter Two Journal Topic

I have learnt to embrace people of all kinds regardless of their culture, sexuality, race or physical appearance. This has been motivated by my ability to think positively in all situations. I push away all negative thoughts that I may have in mind concerning a particular person and embrace positivity.

From lessons I have gotten from my parents, teachers and religious leaders, I always have a mindset that everyone is special in his or her way. With this in mind, I am therefore able to interact freely with everyone and also love reading books that help me embrace all types of people as I gain more knowledge on capabilities of different people.

Chapter Three Journal Topic

If I discovered that I am of the wrong gender, I would find someone to talk to first which may be my parent, counselor or religious leader. I would explain my feelings to them in a way that they will appreciate my openness and self-acceptance.

I would then embrace the gender I feel more comfortable with. If I am supposedly male and don’t feel comfortable, I would do things that are more girly, wear the girl clothes I always wanted and act like a girl since that way I can fully express myself without straining to impress anyone. I would not give myself room for accepting judgment from anyone at all.

Chapter Four Journal Topic

In a free country, there should be freedom of speech and expression. Loyalty does not hence mean we cannot ask questions where we feel uncomfortable with the running of the country. To be a good citizen means looking out for the country and pointing out the areas that one do not feel comfortable with.

As good citizens, we should show our patriotism and loyalty by exercising our freedoms and rights effectively. Therefore, when we find a gap in the running of the country we live in. This will ensure that we are also incorporated into the decision-making process in our state. We ought not to be silent in matters that can affect us in the long run. This is what patriots do; speak up.

Chapter Five Journal Topic

Women face a lot of challenges in the workplace such as sexism. Often, women are not given high positions in the organization and are mostly given administration jobs. I feel that both men and women can perform equally in the workplace. First, women are good at multitasking and can manage both homes and their workplace.

Also, women are also educated nowadays and are capable of managing big positions in organizations. Discrimination by gender in the workplace should be addressed and put to a stop because every human being deserves an opportunity to express themselves regardless of their gender. Women are as powerful and committed as men and employment shouldn’t be biased.

Chapter Eight Journal Topic

The lack of equality especially in the provision of opportunities is inhuman. Laws should be put to protect every other person in a particular country regardless of their race. The non-white immigrants were also human beings that deserve equality as much as the whites.

Nowadays, immigrants are still facing difficulties while trying to settle in a foreign country especially relates to the non-whites who have migrated to a country where the whites are natives. In offers of jobs, the non-whites are mostly allocated with the jobs that are incompetent no matter how much they are learned. Some get killed in their quest to secure a future for their families in these countries which is not fair.

Chapter Ten Journal Topic

If I learned that I am HIV positive, emotionally it would drain me, but I would not consider getting special treatment from others. This is because being positive does not mean I am weak and about to die the next minute. I would be my usual self in everything I do because I would not want anyone to look down on me.

At work, I work perform my duties with diligence to ensure that my colleagues become aware that HIV is not a disability and would ask my supervisor not to relieve me of any duties allocated earlier. When there are chances in the organization, I will make sure to fight for them as my colleagues are doing and would only ask for assistance only when am in dire need to avoid feeling as if am a burden to others.

Chapter Eleven Journal Topic

Racism can be a disorder and may affect a person to the extreme if not well addressed from the start. Patients with racism can develop illnesses such as depression and even hate themselves. This is because they feel unappreciated compared to their peers and cannot stand up to defend themselves when need be. Racism should be treated with as much concern as other psychological diseases.

Therefore, psychiatrists can help address this issue since the patients will be open to them. Talking to a professional such as a psychiatrist will help relieve the stress that person may have held in the heart. Those that do not open up may end up committing suicide, and it’s hence important to arrange therapy sessions with these patients.

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