Donald Trump’s 100 days of presidency:

Donald Trump’s 100 days of presidency:


With the 100 days in office, Trump has signed various bills into law and issued dozens of executive orders than any other president in almost over half a century. He has taken various measures in bid to restore prosperity, hold the government responsible and keep the citizens safe and secure. The president has tried to keep the promises he made to American people through military rebuilding, restoring economy confidence of Americans and ending of illegal immigration (Mitchell 8). He has had significant victories in legislature since three of his executive orders have been stopped by courts. The scenario has seen the lowest approval rating among the recent presidents at 100 days.

Impact of trumps presidency on foreign students 

President Donald Trump earlier issued an executive order temporarily barring citizens from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya from entering U.S. Immigrants from the seven counties were viewed as potential threats and therefore a travel ban allowed the Homeland security department to review and as well update the vetting procedure for immigrants. This was in a move to curb terrorism activities within the country but has consequently affected thousands of international students from the countries. Since late 1940s, the number of foreign students travelling to U.S has continually increased each year.

According to Homeland Security, thousands of students were affected by this ban. This prevented them from freely travelling from their country of origin to U.S. The ban also affected various colleges’ economic boon and students in need (Mitchell 13). Students from the named countries usually pay full tuition fee to Universities and colleges. The colleges in turn use the resources to support other needy students by offering scholarships and financial aid.

Impact of Donald Trump’s policies to Texas

Trump intends to construct a 30-foot high concrete wall that would curb the illegal immigration of Mexicans to United States. One of the key factor to Texas economic growth is Mexico which has played a major role in Texas success. The Economy of Texas will be hit hardest by implementation of this policy (Emily 6). The wall poses more threat to Texas State than other States. Mexico has been Texas’ most significant trading partner in terms of exports and imports. In 2015 alone, Texas exports to Mexico were worth over $92 billion. This was even more than the goods it exported to the subsequent ten nations combined. The imports also from Mexico were high being twice those imported from China which is following on the list. Another significant aspect to look into is the exports in the same year supported more than 1 million jobs which is more than other major employment sectors in Texas such as manufacturing, construction, local education and financial sectors.

According to a research done by Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, it showed that Texas’ global competitiveness has improved due to collaboration with Mexico since integration of the two economies. This is evident especially in heavy machinery, manufacturing and energy industries. Increase in manufacturing in Mexico subsequently increases employment to Texas residents which is at stake due to proposed policy. On the other hand, Mexico has been providing labor force to Texas and investors. The wall will also have impact to the environment by posing danger to wildlife and endangered species living around. The wall could cause water flow restriction to farm and cause flooding and worsen water pollution.

U.S future under Trumps presidency

Within his 100 days, Trump ordered the attack on Syria and there arose major conflict with the North Korea. He has threatened to impose military attack on North Korea if they continue conducting missiles and nuclear test. As far as the North Korea poses no threat to United State, then Trump has no authority to command any military action without authorization of the congress (Mitchell 16). Tension have been created which can possibly contribute to a possible conflict. Trump has shown that he can easily bomb the very first instance before thinking on the consequences. Enforcing of the proposed immigration law would cost the government hundreds of billion dollars, shrink the labor force through deportation of workers and reduce the GDP. All these will harm U.S economy affecting the supply and demand of goods. A good number of industries rely on immigrant labor force since it is cheap especially in agriculture. Food prices would rise. Further, companies selling products to immigrants will also be affected leading to drop in local revenue.

Health care changing view that seeks to repeal and replace Obamacare and roll back Affordable Care Act that would take care of everyone. Allowing consumers to be able purchase health insurance from other states will bring about competition. This will improve insurance significantly whereby people would be allowed to buy insurance from the states with fewer regulations (Emily 8). Trump has a huge business background which will aid him in delivering economic success to Americans and the future generation since he understands clearly how commerce works.


Trump is fond of making twitter posts which cause mixed reactions from various people and departments from all over the world. This can have economic repercussions to the country and has shown his boldness to address the issues by rising his voice. Even though most of the polices and executive orders directed by president Donald Trump are for the good of the Americans, there are as much dangers that they pose and need to be reevaluated to safeguard interests of every citizen .

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