Effects of Economic Change on Low-Income Families

Effects of Economic Change on Low-Income Families:


The increasing economic crisis is extremely affecting low-income families. The families are unable to meet their basic needs such as food, healthcare, shelter, and education. Rising poverty levels is associated with neglect of duty by both parents and children, family conflict and partner violence (Daly & Kelly, 92). Moreover, the exacerbating economy can affect funds for private schools and public health centers where their budget are constrained thereby failing to meet public demand when it is highly needed.

How to Address the Adverse Consequences on Families

Due to worsening economy, economic stress has augmented especially in low-income families. Psychologists have played a great role in directing and advising the families on how to reduce economic stress, partner violence, and child maltreatment. According to Daly and Kelly (87), when appropriate tools are provided to the families, positive parenting is encouraged. Therefore, neglect of duty is avoided and joint effort encouraged. The initiative results in high production thereby reducing the poverty level.

How to Address the Adverse Consequences on Schools attended by Children Growing up in low-income Families

Children from low-income families are exceptionally vulnerable, as they tend to proceed from one education level to another (Daly & Kelly, 102). For instance, at adolescents stage, the students are persuaded to postpone their education plans to seek increasing jobs and contribute to households economy. To curb the occurrence, the government should ensure public education is free and that the students get food during lunch hour (Daly & Kelly, 95). The undertaking helps the parents to use their money in improving the other sectors in life thereby raising their living standards.

Conclusively, worsening economy is a threat to low-income families. It is increasing the poverty level leading to economic stress. The government is putting measures to minimize the scenario

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