Emergency Preparedness and Response

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Florida department of health

          I chose the Florida Department of Health as it places significance in the well being of the households in Florida. It works hard to ensure the provisions of the second amendment are adhered to and those laid down by the Florida senate are followed to uphold the well being of the people (Guo, 2015). The department keeps the people at par with trends and updates in health issues. Florida department of health emergency preparedness and response plans include;

 Preparation of one’s self

They avail implements to aid one and his relatives are ready for any emergency. They provide data on the present perils and significant advice on survival methods during emergency crisis.

Prepare survival kit

 In order to safeguard lives during times of disaster, one needs to prepare a survival kit for the relatives by assembling basic commodities and placing them in an easily movable container (Guo, 2015). This will create ease in carrying during emergency times. Some of the basic commodities to include when packing are:

Water: One should ensure to store enough to go for a week or more.

Food: This should also be enough to feed a family for three to seven days.  One should also include foods that do not easily like canned products. Also products such as infant foods and those for the old should be considered. Foods such as energy bars should be packed. Implements such as can openers, heating materials, utensils and pet foods need to be prioritized.

First aid kit: These should contain medications and prescriptions to help treat injuries in occurrence of disasters.

Other items: Other items to include are toiletries, clothing, and torches with batteries, radios with batteries, items for pat care, whistles, compasses, maps, flares and thermal blankets. The significant items should be stored in a container that does not permit permeability of water. Some of these important items include chargers; cash on hand, emergency numbers, medical files, insurance details, title deeds, professional certifications and social security details.

Response preparedness

Florida’s public health systems together with other agencies ensure proper training, proper response, adequate performance of response role and overall readiness to combat any peril.

  Environment state readiness

They help by optimizing available resources via strategic plans and coordination with the help of the local and government levels (Crosby, laura F., 2015).  The local and government levels inhibit likely health perils from industrial effluents and radiations from environmental agents (Haddow, 2017).


Florida Emergency Resources

The resources are adequate in meeting the emergency needs of the people of Florida. The resources are utilized as depicted below;

Authentication of emergency personnel

Authentication involves providing documents meant to identify the emergency workers and analyzing their abilities and skills by prioritizing on proper training, health, proper physic and ability for performance (Crosby, laura F., 2015). It ensures the workforce operates within the assigned region.

Disaster response framework

The Florida public healthcare response unit coordinates the communal, state and government level to ensure proper emergency response which is laid out as protocols (Bayleyegn, 2015). The following are the resources availing emergency response

Florida unit of disaster management: it’s responsible for ensuring coordinated response to all disasters occurring in Florida and manages all activities pertaining to the emergencies.

The regional security task force: the members of this team include the public health institutions, the fire and rescue teams and the police department. By using all this players, the regional security task force serves the public by coordinating with disaster management experts.

Response institutions: during emergency times, the public health response unit requires aid from government agencies and non government firms. They provide funding, food and medical supplies to disaster stricken regions of the state.

The FL Health system

During disaster periods, the systems aid the residents by availing information which is reliable and timely involving the situation. This helps in rescue missions and safeguarding the people.

Group volunteering

In Florida, this is carried out by the medical reserve corps who is a unit of free will servers prioritizing on health improvement and security in their local areas. The medical and public health experts play this role together with other individuals who have public heath welfare at hand (Bayleyegn, 2015). The volunteers undergo through public health programs, trainings and screenings in order to ensure proper performance and response.

National strategic medical supply

During emergency periods, large amounts of necessary medical provisions are availed to various counties and local areas by the federal strategic national stockpile. This program ensures adequate distribution of medical provisions to assist the disaster stricken countries. This will go a long way in aiding reduce deaths within a time period of forty eight hours (Bayleyegn, 2015).


Resources to be added

Massive emergency training

The federal government together with the state and communal levels need to initiate programs meant to educate masses on methods of handling disasters. They should be enlightened on how to act before, during and after to reduce panic and deaths. They should always be aware and equipped to face difficult situations.

Internet in a box

Enabling portability of the internet will enable individuals pass information easily during moments of crisis. For instance, individuals trapped in a collapse building can communicate to the outsiders on the current situation.

Roles as a health practitioner

As a public health practitioner, I can dispense the following roles to the public;

Premarital health care provider and coordinator

I can educate teenagers and other youngsters on conception prevention methods and sexual health in educational institutions and the local areas (Nelson, 2016). I would carry out analysis on service outcomes and outlay the necessary measures to improve on pre marital health.

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