Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial Cancer

From the research information you have at hand, what do the two case as mentioned above studies tell you about the risk of endometrial cancer?

Endometrial Cancer is also called uterine cancer and begins at the walls of the uterus (Bandera, Kushi, Moore, Gifkins, & Mccullough, 2007). Some of the factors that increase chances of endometrial cancer change in the female hormones in the body, lack of pregnancy, many menstruation years, old age, obesity hormone therapy or breast cancer (Merrill, 2017). The cases could have differed due to the use of case-control studies and cross-sectional studies and therefore having varying results for the same case of investigation (Tao, Xu, Zheng, Gao, Ruan, Cheng, Shu, 2005). Diet and exercises are also some of the minor factors that act as predisposing factors for endometrial cancer. According to the two cases observed above the research could give varied due to the time allocated and the factors investigated in the study. The risk factors are also accelerated on the condition of the items consumed, and the growth and management of the vegetables and fruits might vary and, therefore, having a different outcome for the same study. To have a conclusive evidence and outcome in the research some of the factors should have been assessed, and this includes the growing and management habit employed in both regions and therefore using this as a basis to assess whether the chemicals or the handling materials used should have contaminated them and therefore making them develop carcinogenic effects.

Is there any common ground covered between the two studies? If so, list and explain them. If not, provide reasons why.

Both studies have a common ground on the issue there are investigating, and that is the effect of consumption of vegetables and fruits on endometrial cancer. The study could differ in the way the factors were assessed and the locations the research was conducted and therefore have varying results. The demographic characteristics considered here in the two case studies are also similar as the research conducted could only be possible involve women in a different age. The two cases could also have the same assumption and use the same epidemiology strategies in attaining the fin al result of the study.

What is your opinion on each study regarding design and demographics? Which method do you think has more merit? Why?

The design is more important and relevant and has more merit as compared to demographics. Demographics are however good in establishing the case controls and therefore used in developing odd ratios to be incorporated in coming up with the conclusion of the study.

What would additional information be needed to conclude?

Following previous studies were done by other researchers is key in the study as it provides a basis for the study and avoids repeating the same mistakes done by other people before. The diary issues and the previous reproductive issues of women would also be needed in the study. It is also important to note the medication that women are under or have been under previously, during and after the study as that could act as a presupposing factor towards Endometrial Cancer. The family history could also be important and more some the chronic condition cases that have run in the family as this would assess the possibility of having the issue in future.


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