Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection


The internet has been a rich source of different kinds of information for businesses in today’s business world. Such rich access has brought with it many challenges associated with cyber-attacks. Businesses have been grumbling with these challenges as they endeavour to preserve their businesses information systems integrity. It is imperative that a business entity employs proactive measures and remain vigilant for these cyber threats. Cyber threats can either be internally or externally manifested (Keeris, 2014). External attacks include the activities of parties with no interest in the organization or working for it, who have intentions of corrupting the firm’s information systems and database.

Internal attacks are manifested internally and they happen to be the most fatal irrespective of whether they happened intentionally or by mistake. Internal attacks may prove difficult to identify and in most cases, they are detected when an attack is already underway because they are usually associated to betrayal of trust (Firstbrook et al, 2009). Identity management and administration tools are very useful with regard to controlling the endemic that is internal and external intrusion. As a branch in identity management, end point protection ensures that only the persons with the proper privileges and authority which has also been properly acquired and granted can be able to access the firm’s computers, network environment and databases.

These protocols ensure that only the right people and for the right reasons have the capability of gaining access to restricted segments. end point protection protocols ensure that the right technology is applied for various business environments and in line to the set trade rules and regulations.

The EMC (RSA Aveksa)

Features, Capabilities and Deficiencies.

The EMC (RSA Aveksa) was chosen as the most plausible end to end protection tool after conduction a comprehensive search of the best end to end protection systems and software in the market today. Being a product of the EMC company, it was found to offer the best protection solutions compared to its peers in the market. This decision was aided by the good rating RSA Aveksa received in the latest release of the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant listing where it was identified as a global leader. Gartner’s analysis focuses on the primary components that have gradually lifted the competitive advantage of the brand in the computer security market. these features include the

Access Request control features and the Access Fulfilment Express (AFX).  The Express Fulfilment Express facilitates formulation of an internal control and integration policy of a business and business logical procedures by consolidating them in a cohesive organizational formation that can be easily audited and managed. Its features allow the business to take over control of its endpoints and be able to manage how, when and for what purpose the users can have access to the computer environment. AFX allows the business to achieve these security standards without interfering with the daily operations of the business.

Application of the tool

Securing Access

Where RSA Aveksa has been successfully installed, the users can be guaranteed of a secure log in into their workstations and the internet. RSA Aveksa has several endpoint protections features that perform identification and authentication procedures on all users intending to access the system. These features make RSA Aveksa an enterprise grade, consistent and central, end point protection and authentication tool. RSA Aveksa utilises such authentication techniques such as OTP, push messages, SMS, Biometrics and other hardware and software tokens to protect all computer and network end points.

End point protection

RSA Aveksa simplify the whole approach towards endpoint protection and management lifecycle. It has helped in the automation of several business management functions such as monitoring and supervision, preparing management reports and user identification and certification all aimed at ensuring that endpoint security is achieved and maintained as a continuous operation. It ensures that the deprovisioning, approval and fulfilment functions of the business are fully automated and are compatible with the existing policy requirements. while using this product, the security staff are provided with enough control over the security of the firm’s end point protection of its computers and computer network and any other electronic devices attached to them (Verma et al, 2012)


RSA Aveksa is a product that is considerably flexible and its features and capabilities offer protection to the company’s information systems in real-time. it allows the business to keep in touch with the peers in the market and remain relevant to competitors without compromising the integrity of its information systems (Yang et al, 2010)

User confidence

Having an end point protection software installed in a computing environment offers the user a sense of certainty and confidence that the information traffic and structures are safe from external intrusion.


To conclude, it’s my take that RSA Aveksa is one of the leading endpoint protection brands in the globe today. This is with regard to an evaluation based on the backdrop of the five pillars of information security. The brand has had a positive global impact in the world of computer and internet security, where it has been ticking all the right boxes by offering simplified endpoint protection solution. The product has been praised by the field experts for its ability to conduct authoritative end point protection without interfering with the normal business operations.


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