English Language.

English Language

According to an article done by the English club, grouping children on the basis of their needs and prowess is necessary for an effective lesson plan. The children each have different needs and hence should be categorized as per their needs (O, Bannon, 2008). Following the classroom profile, I believe students should be classified in accordance with the following.

Children Learning English Language.

Persuasive writing requires a good command of the English language. It requires one to lay out facts and ideas in a systematic manner that communicates a message to the target. Doing so requires extensive use of the English language as well as grammatical skills. Teaching students who are in the process of learning the English language require a more language-oriented approach (O, Bannon, 2008). These lessons should thus act as an extension of the English lesson.

Students not learning English

These students may be grouped as so because they may already be well versed in the English language. Their teaching needs therefore greatly vary from the ones in the above-mentioned category (O, Bannon, 2008). For example, teaching them may not require stress on the grammatical aspect of language as they are already familiar with the concepts of learning (O, Bannon, 2008). Hence teaching them may require a less practical approach.

Student’s with Average to Low Reading Capabilities

As stated above, these students may prompt one to modify the general theme of the lesson to include some language enhancers. Reading exercises may be included in between the lesson activities in light of these Students. Learning activities oriented toward reading and learning how to pronounce terms may be implemented also.

Grouping students on the basis of their capabilities hence helps one to devise a lesson plan that can cater for all the needs of the children thus ensuring reliable results (O, Bannon, 2008).


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