Environmental Science

Environmental Science Discussion

What is used to disinfect water

Water is disinfected using chlorine to kill microorganism and bacteria. Disinfection takes place in the reservoir. After adding chlorine, one has to wait around thirty minutes to give it time to work. Drinking treated water reduces waterborne diseases to a greater percentage (Miller & Spoolman, 26). Chlorine is effective in removing bacteria, all kinds of viruses and protozoa.

Where is the wastewater released

Upon treatment, water is released into the river. The water can be consumed again by human beings without any problems.There is a cycle that continues whereby people use water, then discharge it as waste.The wastewater is treated, the human beings consume it again and the cycle continues (Miller & Spoolman, 33).

Methods used to treat sludge

Sludge is treated using a combination of three methods. The first one is thickening where the sludge is reduced to about half of the original using a gravity thickener tank. The second step is the sludge digestion where the total mass of solids is reduced. In the third stage and the last, the sludge is de-watered before disposal (Miller & Spoolman, 25).

There are certain guidelines that have to be followed in sewage treatment. This is because if unsafe water is given to people for consumption, it can have serious health problems.system is put in place to test the water before it is released to make sure that is free of harmful chemicals. Water testing is important to ensure that the water is free of all kind of contaminants including radioactive contaminants (Miller & Spoolman, 35). Unauthorized people are not allowed in water treatment site.the site is always guarded. Alum is added which causes floc to form, floc attracts soil particles, they later sink to the bottom of the tank. There should be enough control to ensure that the chemicals added during water treatment are in the right quantities.Adding a lot of chlorine can have negative health effects (Miller & Spoolman, 37).

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