Equality and Social Justice

Equality and Social Justice

Social justice and equality of citizens have been a significant topic of discussion in the United States. This is all with the aim of trying to create a fair and just environment for the people regardless of their gender, race, and religion among many others. There has also been the urge to treat all people as equals where all people have the same rights and privileges.

There have been numerous actions that have been taken to try to improve the equality and social justice among people in the United States. Some of these activities have been using the social platforms since these are areas that many people, especially the youth are aware and the young people are the large population targeted to bring out a change in a country, the use of social media has been so efficient (Seibicke, 2017).

Some of these actions include creating of platforms that target a certain group to motivate them. One example of such platform is the dearme, an initiative in YouTube created to empower young girls in the United States and all over the world. This is a platform that targets improving on gender equality.

Other actions reduce the instances of racial discrimination. For example, on Twitter, there has been a trending issue of Black Lives Matter. This is introduced with the aim of trying to reduce violence against a particular race. It has attracted lots of thousands of people, and it still does.

A social action is an action that is aimed at producing another similar response in another person (Seibicke, 2017). Therefore, most social media platforms have started using these kinds of strategies. This can also be seen in the campaigns of disability is not inability. This is a campaign that has been aimed at motivating the disabled persons. It has come to the extent of using the term abled differently to refer to these people. Social media has shown examples of successful disabled people to motivate the demotivated individuals.


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