Essay of “Could Temporary Marriages Reduce the Alarming Rate of Divorce” by Natalie Rivera

Summary: Title and author Overview of main points Show clear plan Thesis statement. Analysis: Analysis of organization–Explain the author’s organizational plan. Specifically look at the structure of the essay, and discuss how the author organized and communicated the information. Consider each paragraph, order, topic sentences, introduction, conclusion, location of thesis statement. Analysis of main points and support– Main points of essay (Present in organized plan). How does the author feel about what is going on? How does the author support his/her thesis? Identify and discuss evidence. Concrete examples, Paraphrases, Quotations. Personal Response: Shows your understanding of the topic. Do you agree or disagree with author? Specifically state what you agree or disagree with. Write your own thesis statement. Real life examples to support your thesis statement. Two big, detailed examples. Conclusion: Restate your thesis and author’s thesis. Compare/contrast. Tie the essay together. Leave reader thinking about essay

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