Dictator Sweepstakes

Dictator Sweepstakes

Week IV, Question 1: Dictator Sweepstakes

Dictator Sweepstakes

Take one or more individuals from the list below. Briefly classify them as traditional/authoritarian, totalitarian, fascist, and/or communist. Why did they seize power? How valid were their reasons?

Adolf Hitler

Antanas Smetona

Antonio Salazar

Bela Kun

Carol II

Engelbert Dollfuß

Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco Bahamonde

Heinrich Brüning

Ioannis Metaxas

Joseph Pilsudski

Joseph Stalin

Jozef Tiso

Kārlis Ulmanis

King Alexander

King Boris

Konstantin Päts

Kurt von Schleicher

Kurt von Schuschnigg

Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja

Miklos Horthy

Vidkun Quisling

Zog I


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