Ethical and Economic Challenges.

Ethical and Economic Challenges.

Ethically, the health care services face a substantial list of problems that reduce the effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience in which health services are delivered to the citizens of diverse economies. Economic challenges, for example, financing, also poses a threat to how healthcare services are provided. Both ethical and economic problems affect immensely the quality of services offered as healthcare. There exist a direct link between the policy decisions on health care and the current economic and ethical challenges in health- that is the universal question.

Amongst the challenges aforementioned include; the financing of healthcare as well as regulation and management of its production and distribution. Health financial gain is considered key while cost effectiveness and health benefit should be the major drive. Use of old and obsolete technologies in healthcare centers have made it not only costly to the services but also ineffective in health gain. There is little technology comparisons made to foster the advancement of services offered at the health care centers (Darr & Sampson).

Market failure, that is, in improving access to healthcare to all the citizens who are in need is also a challenge in health care provisions (Darr & Sampson). Favorable policies are yet to be put in place in most countries especially the developing countries to distribute health care in all areas equitably. This adds to the cost of acquiring healthcare services.

Building and sustaining the healthcare workforce of the future have had a major impact on the cost, quality, and access to healthcare services for citizens of some countries. The rate of enrollment into healthcare and related studies is low in most countries as compared to the number of people in need of these services. Inadequacy in workforce diminishes the quality of services and increase cost due to the law of demand effect.

Conclusively the well-being of the global citizens regarding Heath is a steering wheel to economic development. Therefore, it is necessary to put reliable measures and mechanisms to improve on healthcare services.


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