Ethical situation: Present an ethical situation that you have witnessed

Present an ethical situation that you have witnessed
a. Provide a brief introduction paragraph to the ethical situation
b. Did this situation have a legal component or solely a moral/ethical component?
c. Was there a “law” that influenced your situation?
d. What categories did the situation fit?
i. Scope of practice
ii. Kickbacks
iii. Patient privacy and confidentiality
iv. Billing issue
v. Good Samaritan laws
vi. End of life
vii. Other: specify
2. Who benefited from this situation?
3. Who is being hurt or could be hurt?
4. Were there any outside benefits or influential factors
5. Are there any Texas State laws that influence this situation?
6. Present a paragraph on what you felt should have been the plan regarding this situation and provide an ethical argument for your decision.

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