Hello Elizabeth Atalay, your post is very informative, and I commend you. The 15th and 16th centuries saw an influx of Europeans mainly in Eastern, Southern, and Western Africa. Their presence brought many changes in the African culture as well as political systems and as would be expected brought about mixed reactions.

To add on this, the chief reason that brought Europeans to Africa was to participate in the slave trade. Since this trade had proven lucrative in the Latin America, Europeans would search for slaves at any cost. African leaders, especially in the west, would respond to the arrival of Europeans and slave trade by establishing strong trade links with them in exchange for firearms, cloths and precious stones. As the newcomers became more powerful, they introduced new political structures which the natives resisted. African culture was eroded, and a new way of life embraced. Clothes replaced skins and hides initially used by Africans in addition to formal learning. This further expanded spread of new religion, transport and communication systems opening up African interior to the rest of the world.


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