Evidence-based practice

 Evidence-Based Practice

Relating evidence-based practice to nursing theory and research is essential as this provides a basis for more knowledge and competence in healthcare. Evidence-based practice focuses on findings drawn from research, data obtained to enhance quality and opinions from health professionals relating to changes needed in health care (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2017). Therefore, it can be deduced that evidence-based practice acts as a bridge to fill in the gaps identified during nursing research.

Nursing theory only provides caregivers or potential caregivers with information that will help them understand the causes of a problem and solution. Nurses rely on the information they obtain from their lessons to provide quality care. The theory does not, however, provides alternatives to nurses that they could imply in their practice. Evidence-based practice, therefore, challenges medical practitioners such as nurses to find out what is necessary for improvement in their field. Up-to-date information obtained from research is used to develop Evidence-Based Practices (Burns & Grove, 2010).

In as much as theory and research do not provide much satisfaction to the patient, use of evidence-based practices boosts the level of confidence that patients put in their caregivers. Patients feel that the care being administered to them is from concrete research that had been earlier done which is an assurance. Methods such as resuscitation which may have been ignored in the past could easily be utilized in hospitals as more confidence and assurance is provided to family members. Evidence-based practice can, therefore, be related to nursing theory and research in that, evidence-based practice relies on the information obtained from research done to improve the quality of caregiving to a patient (Grove, Burns & Gray, 2012). Nurses should therefore thoroughly analyse all the dimensions of caregiving that can be administered before taking action on a patient


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