Executive Orders

Executive Orders

An executive order is an ordinance given by the president to a branch of the government aiming at enforcing a given law. Therefore, the president of the state who has the mandate to pass a law usually signs the executive orders. President Obama, during his reign, gave several executive orders one of which included the Gun Control order that is responsible of ensuring that the access of guns is limited to people either the sellers or the users (United States & United States, 2010). The paper will focus on President Obama’s Executive law on gun control, enacted on 5th July 2016. The study will provide details of how the order has affected the United States of America and how the same will impact the state in the future as well as how people’s constitutional rights would be impacted.

The bureaus of Tobacco, Alcohol, Explosives and Firearms were urged by the law to re-define their policy on who is supposed to engage in the business of vending firearms (Hames & Ekern, 2015). The law would ensure that all the persons who engage in the business of selling firearms have a license and their backgrounds are not linked with any prior criminal records. The background checks were to be intensive covering violent criminals who may hide behind cooperation and trusts to obtain dangerous firearms illegally (Olson, 2015). In addition, the law aimed at ensuring that the technology of gun safety was vastly improved to provide safety for the people of the United States. According to Victor (2016), the law would advocate for improved treatment for the persons who are mentally ill and reduce the risk of people illegally terminated by individuals who own guns and are not mentally fit thereby safeguarding citizen’s constitutional rights. The health records of the people who are interested in the business of guns would have to be verified along with background checks to ascertain their mental health status before verifying their business terms (Mansfield & Hairston, 2015).

The expected positive impact regarding law was that it could reduce the number of private persons who sell firearms, thus reducing the risk of the weapons ending up in the hands of criminals. The undertaking would narrow down the private industry that trades and has access to guns thereby reducing the risk of criminals and individuals getting the access to guns for illicit use. In addition, the quality and number of background checks would increase due to the requirement that the checks should be conducted prior to handling the firearms business (Harvard Law Review Association, et al., 2015). By closing the loopholes in the United States in checking the background checks, the government will have helped in ensuring that the criminals have a limited access to the guns and other dangerous firearms. This would ensure that the government easily notices criminals’ thereby mitigating criminal rates.

Another important section is that the executive order would focus on combating the violence caused by guns thereby upholding standards of intellectual health care and ensuring that the people who may suffer from any serious mental illnesses have no access to guns. The initiative would help reduce mass shooting since criminals will not have access to guns


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