Existential Viewpoint in Modern World

Gravil (20017) defines existentialism as a study that recognizes that individual persons exists in a real and free world and are responsible and capable of making self-choice of the course of action they wish to undertake. An education system in the modern world is learner-centered, whereby the student is given full freedom to study a course of his choice. This is important because the students make choices based on their capabilities and interest.

Relation Between Existential and Liberation and Equality

A Sartre & Barnes (1996) claim there is a common concept for human equality. Existentialism advocates for struggle for free human existence in the society against any form of oppression and discrimination on the basis of race, class, religion and gender.

Perceptive Power to Choose for Oneself and Deep Responsibility for Others

When individuals are free to make their own choice they become more responsible because of self-awareness and this encourages acceptance and growth in their line of action (Gravil 2017). However, they are more committed to self-success and actualization compared to others. Therefore in order to achieve personal and community goals, one must make such choices that marries both oneself and community goals.

People Power to Choose the Life they Want and Relationship with Road to Freedom

Human beings are at liberty to choose their own life. They should first acknowledge the fact about their present life and then realize that they are indeed free to make a change they want in their lives. Sartre & Barne (1996) people have a responsibility to define the meaning and purpose for their lives in this world. This means people choices in their own life are underpinned in their own hands and not in the environment in which they live. Therefore, people should not allow their surroundings to define their life.


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