Explain how principles of quality control could be used to increase safety


It seems fairly obvious to state that products of a higher quality are better than those of lower quality. But does the use of quality materials increase safety as well? A knife made of higher grade steel that will stay sharper longer may not be in and of itself any “safer” than a low quality, dull knife. Often it is the use of the tool that makes it more or less safe. So how is it that quality management can be used to increase safety?


In 300-500 words explain how principles of quality control could be used to increase safety. Provide at least one concrete example. Your example can come from any perspective; airline, airport, dispatch, ATC, etc, either from your own experience or something you’ve read.


This assignment is worth 25 points according to the following rubric:

10 Points – Provide a description of at least one concrete example.

10 Points – Provide a clear explanation of how the principles of quality control are being applied to safety in your example.

5 Points – Your response is well written and free of any significant grammatical or spelling errors.

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