Explain why all customer service providers should develop their own philosophy of Customer Service

Consider the knowledge that you have acquired about customer service and sales in this course. Combine this knowledge with the practical experiences that you have had in customer service/sales situations (either as a customer or as a provider) to write a customer service/sales policy. Your customer service policy should include the following elements:
 service philosophy (e.g., mission/vision statement)
 service standards (procedures, expectations, outcomes)
 measurement methods and evaluation criteria
Items that you have to incorporate in your customer service/sales policy include:
 The importance of customer retention to the organization and what is done to insure customer loyalty. (Consider both the customer service aspects as well as the sales aspects.)
 Questions you would ask customers to determine their level of customer satisfaction (e.g., a list of 10 questions you would include in a post-service satisfaction survey). Explain why these questions are important to the organization. (Stay away from using too many yes or no questions…closed end questions. Use as many who, why, what, when, where & how questions…open ended type questions.)
Internal customer policies including service standards, evaluation methods and criteria and reward systems. What questions would you ask the internal customer server to determine what they need to perform at a more effective level, how they see there performance and why there job is important. (Minimum of 5 questions you would ask your internal customer service staff.) Do the same for the Sales staff as it relates to their performance.
* Conflict/problem resolution procedures.
• Explain why all customer service providers should develop their own philosophy of Customer Service
• Explain the relationship of sales and customer service, why that relationship is important and what the impact is on customers if one is good and the other is bad.
Your customer service/sales policy should be 5 to 7 typed pages in length (double-spaced) and it should be your own ideas rather than just copying another organization’s policy. You may include specific definitions and ideas from the texts or service policies of existing organizations, but you must cite those sources if used. The intent of this assignment is to develop a significantly unique customer service/sales policy which reflects your thoughts and beliefs based on what you have learned in this course.
You may include exhibits in your paper such as questionnaires/surveys, sample mission statements/policies, etc., but these should be included as attachments and not included in the page count of your final paper.

*Paper needs to be written in American English and written well.*

*Please address and answer all questions listed in assignment description that I have provided.*

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