Extended Film Analysis

Your Extended Film Analysis may focus on one film. But you may also wish to consider comparing a film you select to one from the categories I selected. You will then use then use the categories covered in our text to analyze the film.

Note: While you may certainly use the categories in the order in which they appear in our text, you are also welcome to arrange them in other orders. For example, if you think that Movement is one of the most important aspects of the film (as it well might be for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) or Saturday Night Fever (1977), then you are welcome to discuss that first (or last — remember that readers/viewers remember best the last thing they read/see). This paper is more likely to involve research in other sources. But I still believe it is possible to prepare the paper using only our course text, the film(s) you discuss, and your own analysis.
In both cases, however, you *must* include a Works Cited (MLA style) or References (APA) style citation page, put all direct quotes in quotation marks, and have source notes for all quotes as well as facts, examples, statistics, interpretations, etc. that you derive from your research sources. This paper will be 1200-1400 (6-8 pages) in length.

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