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According to Schwartz, Pantin, Prado, Sullivan, and Szapocznik, J. (2005), family and identity are one of the core values that shape our tomorrow, based on how we alien, acknowledge and appreciate our background. As for my childhood, I grew up with a consideration of my neighbor not being an American just because her parents were not born in America. The notion alienated their family from the second generation American theory or presumption in most of the citizens. The second generation Americans is those fully born in America while the first generation most people were not born in America but became citizens over time.

This have been a bit contradicting though because America has been the place she grew up and spent all her life in which later developed to her and the family being attached to the country along with its common practices. A significant number of people likewise present their ethnicities in a variety of ways paying little heed to what extent their families have been in the nation. Character, for anybody, is a dubious subject, mainly since it is such a liquid idea. Our characters are always changing as we have encountered and think about our over a wide span of circumstances.

Add to these confusions that we have distinctive personalities around various individuals, and it ends up plainly challenging to nail down. Indeed, the non-American native’s names contrasts relying upon which gathering of individuals they interact with. To examine personality, a ton of a man’s personality originates from their interests. Taking a glimpse at the character through this perspective, My personality adoration for people music, Wes Anderson films, perusing ‘great’ books, is considerably more. Generally, my objectives in life such as my affection for writing, Wes Anderson movies and writing would presumably be the most essential.


Schwartz, S. J., Pantin, H., Prado, G., Sullivan, S., & Szapocznik, J. (2005). Family functioning, identity, and problem behavior in Hispanic immigrant early adolescents. The Journal of early adolescence, 25(4), 392-420.


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